Guide for the prowling man - where can i buy a bbq grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-05-06
Guide for the prowling man  -  where can i buy a bbq grill
Are you single, divorced or just a married dog with a moral problem?Here's a guide to make the most of life and learn a lot from your life.First of all, you should buy yourself a bicycle.Not only will your traffic congestion problems disappear, but peak traffic will also be the best part of your day.Turn your frustration with traffic into the best part of your day.You turn this frustration into the moment you linger.Once you hit the stream of the car, you will park your bike behind a fixed car, you will throw your eyes into the ocean of the car, and then you will choose your victim with great careTo make it easier for you, I will now list the options in alphabetical order as well as the pros and cons of each option.Keep in mind that these rules apply only to a fairer gender.If you see one of the following: Alpha Romeo: drive past and don't even look at her.Because she will be so hot, you will be sure to hit the bike into another fixed car.She's already with a man who's much sexier than you, and he's more likely to have a Ferrari.Audi: avoid Audi at all costs, one.The girl of Otis is with the boring man.She couldn't afford a decent luxury car with her poor man, and the only purpose they had to buy an Audi used car was to impress their immediate family members, which is highly probable.The woman of Otis is always married, living a boring life, cooking rice and potatoes for her once fat husband.But if you find an Audi TT, the whole analysis will change.Prepare for a special thing.At this point, you can adjust your crotch and move slowly towards Audi.Behind the wheel you will find a girl so elegant and sexy that you will not believe your eyes.They usually have shoulder-to-shoulder hair and wear a very hot suit.You need to remember her registration number.This is important and instructions will be given on this matter later.BMW: avoid all BMW.From series 1 to x5.They mainly work for the government and steal your tax money.If you see the X5, it will most likely be black with blue light.Say no more.Stay away at all costs and then you don't want to be near your bed.Fiat: hot girls.Especially a girl from Fiat 500.She will shake your boat and you will be overwhelmed by your own desires.Fiat 500 screamed with passion.It's a girl and you come to her door with a red rose and wear underpants because you forgot to wear pants because you were too rushed to find her.This car is the passion of 4 wheels.Honda: this is a tricky issue because it depends on your age.If you are under 50, just pass through Honda and don't bother.But if you are a cyclist in your 50 s, then this can dramatically change your pension savings.Honda was driven by grandma, who had already traveled to heaven.He has a Mercedes-Benz and a lot of money, which Grandma has now invested with a famous investment analyst.You can sleep millions, but be careful that the investment analyst doesn't know that you let grandma change her will.Once you're in a crazy event at her upscale townhouse and Grandma's heart has let her down, you can always come back and visit the young victims.Then you can use the wealth you inherit to buy yourself a bigger bike and go to minis to find a girl.Land Rover: avoid all Land Rover.She is married to a very sensible and cool-headed man who certainly is not a male prostitute like you, so you can't bring any benefit to her life.Lexus: just throw your eyes a little into the car and try to hear if she's playing Requiem in Mozart's D minor.Mozart's death Requiem is written in popular language.Drive past and forget if you noticed Lexus.Mercedes: Read the BMW analysis and add the refrigerator to the outline.She was so impressed with her arrival that there was no time to notice a man.The worst thing, however, is that you should avoid it when they are driving SLK.Gold-digging vulture hovering on Viagra Avenue in Sandton.Dangerous predators of great wealth.Mini cooper: It needs to be renamed Mini Coopers.We should call them the greatest happiness.No other car has ever attached so much importance to girls sexy.It is not on the chart.I can't even write any more ideas about mini girls.The keys on my keyboard start to swim in front of my eyes, which is no different from getting under anesthesia or sucking a truck of marijuana.I should be a Hindu so I can go back to Earth 10,000 more times and always date 10,000 girls in Minis.I must stop thinking about Minis immediately.I just want to say, write down her registration number because your life will be upended.Porsche: you must be careful with the case.The other Porsche was opened by men, but the girl who opened the box came from heaven.She's on the wild side and knows how to use the gear stick, which automatically means she knows how to deal with stiff things that need attention.Renault: Don't look at it!They are all members of Rhema, reading the revelation of bedtime stories for children.Run for your life!Toyota: If you have any intention of dating any girl at Toyota, remove yourself with a knife because you don't need genitals.Volkswagen: very safe choice.Not bad at all.The mass girl is the best balance.Unlike the mini girl, the mass girl will give you the best in the world.They know how to drive you crazy, but also how to get you up from her bed to work.For the mini girl, you never want to go back to your office and you pray that you die during sexual intercourse so that you can come back and get bad again.Volvo: Don't look.She will be fat and after 4 kids she looks like the car she drives.Do you know the cross bar opposite the Volvo grill? Does it look like a sellotape stuck in the mouth of a naughty child?It is likely that she has taped her personal parts to match the grill of her car.Any other cars not mentioned here are driven by men or are not worth mentioning.Now………………..Once you get the registration number, you need a good partner from the licensing department.You pay him the R100 and you get the address of the victim.You bought two dozen roses for the girl without your name.Certain is Red RoseOther flowers may seem like sending a funeral wreath at the wrong address.You wait another two days, then you can get a security guard in her complex and put a red rose under her windshield wiper.You wait a few more days, preferably Friday night.You buy another Red Rose now and wait at the door of her apartment until she comes back from work.Seeing you riding your bike with red roses, she will be a slave to your life...
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