Hannah Storm back on air after grill accident - gas bbq grill deals

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-05-06
Hannah Storm back on air after grill accident  -  gas bbq grill deals
ESPN anchor Hannah Storm, who was severely burned at home three weeks ago in a propane gas grill accident, will return to the air on New Year's Day.Second stormShe had severe burns in her chest and hands.Her face and neck were severely burned.Her eyebrows and eyelashes fell and her hair fell by half.The 50-year-On Tuesday, the old TV anchor will host the 2013 Rose Parade broadcast by ABC.Her left hand will be bandaged, and she says the audience may notice a difference in her hair texture as her hair texture has been added to the extension.Poll News Poll New Immigration plan 2020 latest announcement "adversity score" "I was a little nervous about what I took for granted in the past, she said in a phone interview with The Associated Press."Small things like makeup, even turning pages on my script."The Illinois-born award-On the evening of December, the award-winning sports show host and producer was preparing dinner outside her home in Connecticut.She noticed that the flame on the grill had been extinguished.She turned off the gas and when she reignited it, "there was an explosion and a wall of fire hit me."As you can see in a movie, it happens in a movie --Second, "she said.A neighbor said he thought a tree had fallen from the roof and the sound was so loud.It blew the door off the grill."She tore off her burning shirt with her left hand.She tried to use the other part of her shirt to put out the flames that swallowed up her head and chest while shouting for help.Her 15-year-Old daughter Hannah called 911 and a computer technician working at home caught some ice while the storm was trying to cool the burn.Soon the police and rescue team came to the house.Storm's husband, NBC Sports host Dan Hicks, also went home with one of the couple's three daughters.When her mother was treated, the young Hannah said something calmly and her mother could laugh a few days later."OK, Mom, I'm going to do my homework now," she said .".The storm was taken by ambulance to the trauma and burns center at Westchester Medical Center and was treated for 24 hours."I didn't see my face until the next day, and you want to know what it would look like," she said ."."I was shocked.But my most important idea is that I have reported the incident with military personnel who have experienced much worse than me, and they have already experienced it.I 've been thinking, 'I can do that.I'm fortunate."Except for the Christmas Eve Mass, the storm was not outside until she traveled to California.ESPN rescheduled the anchor schedule during her recovery, and NBC and the Golf Channel rescheduled their staff while Hicks was taking care of his wife.Storm, the author of two inspirational books, founded the Hannah Storm Foundation in 2008.It raises awareness and provides treatment for children with weakness and destruction of vascular birthmarks.
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