hawker-style grilled lamb a tasty find - the best charcoal bbq grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-05-04
hawker-style grilled lamb a tasty find  -  the best charcoal bbq grill
People looking for hawker food along the Jalan Kelang Lama will be spoiled because of the many choices.
In fact, on the food court near the Kuala Lumpur gospel convention in the Kuchai Lama area, there are many delightful delicacies to taste.
But my pursuit of food is a bit far from the food court.
I was told a stall selling delicious roast lamb.
This is of interest to me as I have not heard of lamb being sold at the booth as it is more often served in restaurants.
Taiman Goodwood Jalan Sawi's Cao mutton Grill is-
Operating a business that has been in existence since 1993.
Today it is headed by Jasmine Chow, 34.
You will see her busy on the grill and cook the lamb and the Tauren board clean.
Oh, yes, Jasmine sells tahubaka and grilled chicken wings in addition to Yibao chicken wings.
Two pieces of roast mutton cost 25 yuan.
It can be expensive for hawker stalls, but Jasmine says it only uses quality lamb from Australia and New Zealand.
Roast lamb, then cut into small pieces for customers to eat.
I think the lamb is delicious with mint and homemade.
Hot sauce.
Jasmine said the meat was marinated for two days with a secret recipe from home. It had well-
Balanced taste of fresh rice, sweet and salty.
Her father, Zhou chee @ Zhou Meng, started running the booth in early 1990, but did not name the business.
"After the famous general of China, my father was nicknamed" Cao (
Han Dynasty)
His friend suggested that he name the booth with this, "said Jasmine.
The price of chicken wings is two RMB 6 yuan, and the same mutton marinade is used here.
It goes well with poultry.
Among them, my favorite two pieces of Tao hubaka with a price of 4 yuan.
The cucumber and jicama are rich in fillings, topped with rojak sauce and crispy roasted peanuts.
It's so delicious. I ordered the second one.
For takeout, customers are encouraged to bring their own containers, because 30 Sen is charged for each outbox.
If you look up this Booth on Waze or Google Maps, "Cao roast lamb" will appear at the location of the Kuchai Lama, the "Cao mutton barbecue" will take you to their booth in Bandar Puchong Jaya.
There is a third booth in Sunway Mentari.
This booth is open every day from six o'clock P. M. to eleven o'clock P. M.
For more information, please call 03-8052 2525.
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