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  -  heavy duty barbecue grills
Released by Jenny Wood: EDT 19: 25 on April 18, 2014 | update: EDT 19: 34 on April 18, 2014 thinking about spring cleaning this weekend?
I 've always dreamed of a clean way to kill 99 bacteria without a chemical?
This will require minimal elbow grease for everything from floor and carpet to window, sofa, faucet, tile
Even unfreeze your fridge?
If so, steam cleaning is for you.
Suddenly the country became hot and annoying, and John Lewis reported sales of steam cleaning equipment soared 94 last year.
While cloth and spray usually remove dirt only from the surface, high
Pressure Steam can penetrate deeper into corners and gaps, kill stubborn particles with tap water, and kill everything from bacteria to mold.
It does not leave a chemical, combined with dust, to prevent it from escaping into the air, and most importantly, it will eliminate mites.
Most people even claim to clean Chesterfield's couch.
It all sounds great, so what's the point?
Critics complain that it can take up to six minutes for water to turn into steam, that many steam engines have high "faff factors", buttons are complex, instructions are minimal, and there are a lot of confusing attachments.
Then, in fact, you still need to wipe afterwards to get rid of the falling dirt and excess water.
So, is this a new golden age of steam, or is it just a pile of heat?
Jenny Wood put eight of the best.
Sell models to testers. . .
Fun, fast and comfortable steam jet handheld steam cleaner for £ 59. 99, hoover. co.
The weight of the UkThis 'seriously energy' handheld steamer has just exceeded 1 pound.
It claims to have one of the fastest heat
There is a tool for every conceivable job.
Jenny said: like some kind of science fiction, waving this in my bathroom
Fi stun gun is fun.
The reasonable bending design protects my hand from Steam, which is controlled by the slider switch on the handle.
What an idiot-proof —
For most missions, just shake the steamer where you want to clean.
It was quickly filled and it took only less than 20 seconds to start steaming.
Long ropes also make it easy to walk around the room.
Perfect Corner and gap, it makes my toilet shiny and has a great carnival on the scale around the faucet (
No ship removed it completely)
Brush the attachment to make my grout look like new. The downsides?
It is not very good at the top of the greasy oven, and in the maximum setting it produces a lot of excess water.
Conclusion: It's great for tricky little work, especially in the bathroom. 4/5 BEST ALL-
ROUNDERThane H20 X5 steam cleaner, 79. 99, Thane.
This "stylish" steam mop is converted to a handheld model in seconds with red, green or white color.
Jenny said: Don't be scared by the quantity when you open the box-
Clear instructions include accessories that are recommended for different tasks, from cleaning the VAT to steaming clothes.
It is light weight, easy to use and heated in 15 seconds.
The tank is easily filled with only one on/off switch and a dial to control the amount of steam generated.
It removes a lot of dirt from my kitchen floor, with just a click, the handle and mop head fall off and turn into a hand held steamer.
It removed the scum from the grout with minimal effort and left my window stripe-
Free of charge, thanks to a convenient cloth attached to the scratch.
I like the ones I tried the most.
Conclusion: it is easy to use, warm up quickly and can handle a series of work.
5/5 fast and COMPACTPolti steam door Lux Steam Gun, £ 34.
This compact handheld device is designed for surfaces that need to be refreshed regularly and claim to reach the trickiest locations.
Jenny said: Unlike some steam engines, you don't have to worry about where to put this down if the phone rings.
A wise kettle
Like shape, it sits happily on the surface of your work.
Again, really, because got up and steamed for nearly three minutes.
Once filled with water, it is quite heavy and the wires are shorter than most.
The lid of the tank is strong, but it is difficult to unscrew;
I waited more than an hour.
I think before it cools down
Be able to open it and empty the water.
There are many tools on the steamboat, but there are very few instructions for use;
Still, this is useful for small jobs like sanitizing children's toys, and the spatula attachment is the best I have tested when removing grease from the stove.
Conclusion: The design is simple, but the weight is large and the use is not much. 2/5FOR NON-
Stop the STEAMKarcher SC Army. 800C, £349. 99, karcher. co. ukThe Rolls-
Royce of the steamboat, this vacuum.
There are two non-tanks in the style model
Stop the floor cleaning when the hose becomes a handheld gun.
The luxury steamboat looks like a chubby yellow lady and needs enough cabinet space, says Jenny.
This manual looks like war and peace, but it's mainly because it has a part of almost every language on Earth.
More charts and tips will help, although it's a clever thing to pour vinegar on the scale before steaming.
Big, simpleto-
It takes about three minutes for the refuel tank to heat up, and although it is not very quiet, it is very powerful --
Even if the dial only appears half the time.
The mop attachment made my kitchen floor light.
After I finished, I simply undid it and blitzkrieg the inside of my sink and pedal bin with hose and gun (
Where chemical cleaners fail).
I would like a little bit of a brush like grouting, but on top of that it is impressive.
Conclusion: big and powerful for those who take steaming seriously.
3/5 retro good looking steam jet cylinder steam cleaner SCB1500, 79.
99, argos this vintage
The style cylinder steamer promises to be powerful but compact in structure, with more than 25 accessories for cleaning tasks stored on board.
Jenny said: this smart gadget has all the tools you need.
Metal washer from brush to grill-
Inside the base, this means there is no need to take root in the cabinet.
It's a trendy red design, sitting on the floor, but it's not too heavy, it's only a piece of A4 paperFootprint of size.
There is a long hose and while the steam gun looks basic, it provides a powerful explosion and has a handy lock to keep steam out of use.
It cleans the floor thoroughly and is also good at smaller jobs such as polishing the working surface and refreshing the sofa.
It was heated in about three minutes.
Faster than five on the box)
My only complaint is difficulty. to-
Read the steam control knob of the tank and the slightly blurry lid. VERDICT: Good-
Beautiful appearance, variety of functions, affordable price.
3/5 deep cleaning Steam Richard y Richard Power Steam Pro Pulsonic Steam mop, £ 74. 99, ebuyer.
The pulsating floor head claims to stir the ground, designed to refresh the carpet and let the hard floor shine
Deep clean dirt.
Jenny said: Of all the steam engines I 've tried, it's the fastest to assemble and fill due to the removable tank.
It stands up on its own when not in use, there is a counter
Scale box for hard water and folding
Lower handle for easy storage.
The wires are not as long as some models, but the buttons are easy to understand and are heated in 30 seconds.
Not light, it took a little effort to drag my kitchen --
I was so energetic that the fabric fell off my head-
But the amount of dirt it collects is very obvious.
Having said that, I'm not sure if the vibration function is too different --
Without it, it seems to remove a stubborn stain as well.
Conclusion: If you work hard, you will have the original floor left.
GOESShark elevator 3/5 Dry floor-
5-stay away from steam pocketin-1, £149. 99, jmldirect. comA mop-
Style model with "pocket technology" to keep the floor dry and stripedfree.
It also has a removable handheld gun for smaller work.
Jenny said: This steamer is very effective in drying the floor after cleaning and you want to know if it works!
Thankfully, the dirty mop cloth shows it must have done the job.
The whole thing has invested a lot of thinking.
From decent
The size of the mop head, long rope and a full description of the accessory to the stool bag and the ring on the clothes to prevent you from scalding yourself when you remove them.
It takes about 30 seconds to reach the steam, and the middle part is raised to become a handheld steamer.
The attachment is a bit bigger --
The brush is too big to fit behind my tub tap
It is not easy to judge whether the machine is on or off, but in general, it handles all kinds of tasks well.
Conclusion: a good person
Most of the work at home is round.
4/5 small and simple steam mop, £ 39.
This pocket flat steamer is designed to clean large and flat areas such as windows and tiles, or is used to disinfect bedding and is one of the smallest and cheapest steamer on the market.
Jenny said: in good terms, it is not easy to start.
Just put a washable cleaning pad on the base, fill the tank and insert it.
However, instead of taking 30-
As claimed on the box, I'm still waiting for three minutes.
However, once it starts to work, its use is simple enough, perfect for running on mattresses and pillows like an iron to disinfect them (
Steam will eliminate dust that can aggravate allergies).
It also performs quite well on the tile, but due to the short bending, the steam output is mild and there is no attachment, it is only useful for a flat surface.
Conclusion: only mattress and plane are good.
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