here's what to drive to your tailgate party - cool barbecue grills

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here\'s what to drive to your tailgate party  -  cool barbecue grills
BOSTON (MainStreet)
With the football season in full swing, there are five cars here that have a high touchdown score when using them for a tailgate party.
"These models all have something special and unique that makes them perfect for trailing," says Patrick Olsen of the car company . ".
Recently, the company named these models the top 2013 models.
Tracking is a time for those who are not football fans-
A tradition of having a barbecue or picnic in the parking lot of the football field before a big game.
Historically, fans took their pickup trucks to the stadium and put down the tailgate as a base for the grill, so it was called the "Tailgate Party ".
Olsen and other cars.
Com editors choose the best tailgate this year by analyzing all the models with enough space to accommodate five or more fans to see which models have particularly convenient tailgate party facilities.
The winner boasts everything from construction-
Open in a cool space
Vacuum laterparty cleanups.
"All the models that topped our list bring something unique to tracking," Olsen said . ".
"They all have features that make them above the crowd.
"Click below to see the top tailstock of the year, as well as four cars.
Com named runnerup (
Listed in price order).
All dollar numbers refer to the retail price suggested by the manufacturer for the basic version of each vehicle.
Rising: 2013 basic price for Chrysler towns and villages: $30, it's not surprising that 620 towns and villages get cars.
Com recognition of the tailgate, because these seven
Passenger truck third-
The seats are in what Chrysler actually calls the tailgate model ".
"When the rear hatch of town and country is open, you just press a button and the seat will flip 180 degrees so they will go back instead of forward, which makes them perfect for the tailgate
"You can sit in a comfortable seat instead of an uncomfortable tailgate," Olsen said . ".
"It's cool. " (
Click here to see a demo. )
The town and the countryside also produce cars, Olsen said.
Com's list, because there's one behind the van
The seat entertainment system does not have one but two flips.
Each screen is large enough to be seen from outside the car.
Up: 2014 Honda Odyssey basic price: $28,825 face the reality and you will have to clean up your car once your rear end party is over.
The Odyssey was built there.
Vacuum cleaners come in handy.
"For us, the coolest feature in all the award-winning cars is the Odyssey vacuum cleaner at the back," Olsen said . ".
"We tested it and it worked very well. "Cars.
Com editors also like the optional rear of Odyssey
Seat entertainment system that plays Blu-ray content-
Ray discs of Netflix (NFLX)
Other sources on the video screen are large enough to be seen from outside the minivan.
Finally, Olsen said Honda (HMC)
Significantly refreshed for £ 2014 and also provided enough space for football fans and cargo.
Some versions of the minivan can accommodate eight people. Runner-
Up: 2013 Honda Ridgeline basic price: $29, 575 Ridgeline will bring the game ball when chasing the tail because the pickup truck provides a lot of drinks, snacks and even barbecue grillsOlsen is talking about cars.
Com editors especially like 8. 5-cubic-
The foot suitcase hidden under the bed of the Ridgeline truck provides a lot of storage without reducing the number of rooms that the tail fiber has to sit in.
If you don't have enough space for the goods, the second of the model
Row seats are also easily folded to create more storage capacity.
"Ridgeline is very flexible and practical," Olsen said . ".
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