hexagonal charcoal briquettes uk How to Make Coconut Charcoal Briquettes

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hexagonal charcoal briquettes uk How to Make Coconut Charcoal Briquettes
In developing countries with limited access to fossil fuels such as oil and gas, people bake other fiber materials such as wood or coconut shells to restore them to charcoal.The process of baking these fiber materials removes flame-retardant components such as water and tar, and burns off highly combustible hydrogen and methane.The result is a highcarbon-Burn evenly and produce charcoal with greater heat than the original material.
The process of converting a coconut shell into a charcoal coal ball uses a specially designed charcoal bucket or stove to remove all moisture in the shell without completely burning into ashes.Clean the coconut shell and remove any fiber from the outside of the shell.The outer fiber of the coconut shell is very flammable and will not bake, but will catch fire.
Treat coconut shells for six months.
Store the coconut shell in a warm and dry place.This will remove most of the moisture in the housing, enabling them to be carbonized instead of burning in a charcoal furnace.Place the coconut shell in a charcoal bucket or stove specially designed to produce charcoal.
These furnaces prevent direct contact with the flame from the coconut shell and control the airflow.The heat in the stove creates a dry environment.Reduce or increase the air intake on the stove to maintain a temperature of 500 to 900 degrees F.
Small flames can be created by shells.
However, as long as the overall temperature of the furnace remains below 900 degrees Fahrenheit, the process produces more charcoal than the Ashes.Bake for three to five hours.Cook the coconut shell until you can pierce the shell without breaking it.Remove the carbon coconut coal balls from the stove and let them cool.
Crush coconut shell coal balls into smaller pieces if needed
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