hong kong couple found dead in suspected suicide pact - long burning charcoal

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-05-04
hong kong couple found dead in suspected suicide pact  -  long burning charcoal
On Wednesday, a man and a woman were found dead in a residential apartment in Hong Kong on suspicion of suicide.
Emergency rescue workers quickly arrived at the Ho Shun Fu building on Yuen Long Xiufu Street by 10: 00. 30am.
A security guard called the police after residents complained about the smell of the seventh. floor flat.
"Firefighters forcibly opened the door of the apartment and found the couple's body inside," a police spokesman said . ".
He added that burnt charcoal was found at the scene.
As of noon, the apartment was still blocked when police investigated.
In another murder
Two days ago, a couple committed suicide. year-
The son burned charcoal in his apartment in the West End.
Police said preliminary investigations revealed that the couple gave the boy sleeping pills before burning charcoal in the closed bedroom of evergreen tower apartment on Second Street.
When the domestic helper of the family returned to the apartment on Monday night and was unable to enter, the case was exposed.
According to police, 42-year-
A clerk, and his 40-year-
The old wife of the real estate agent fell into financial difficulties after the investment loss.
In addition, in the warehouse of Block C, renchai hospital, renchai Street, Tsuen Wan, a man was found dead at about 10: 00.
Wednesday morning at 40.
Help if you or someone you know has a suicidal idea.
In Hong Kong, call 852 2896 0000 for Samaritans and 852 2382 0000 for suicide prevention services.
In the United States, call the National lifeline for suicide prevention at 800 273 8255.
For a list of help lines from other countries, please see this page of the South China Morning Post: For an update on the South China Morning Post, please download our mobile app. Copyright 2019.
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