How do I stop bamboo skewers from burning to a crisp on the barbecue? - where can i buy a bbq grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-05-02
How do I stop bamboo skewers from burning to a crisp on the barbecue?  -  where can i buy a bbq grill
Question: How can I stop the bamboo skewers from burning brittle during a barbecue? Answer: bamboo skewers are perfect for barbecues, although sometimes a bit painful, bamboo is combustible.
If you 've ever thrown some kebabs or satay on a grill, chances are you 've dropped some of them on the fire.
The most important thing for a barbecue chef is to soak the skewers in the water before using them.
Although 30 minutes is the minimum, it is better to plan ahead and soak in the water for one night.
Skewers take a long time to soak in water,-
The soaked skewers will last longer on the grill without burning.
Place them in a cake tray, a shallow plastic storage container, or a baking tray with water, and then put a plate or other heavy weight on the top of the skewer to put them under water. To prevent mid-
The skewer breaks to ensure that the meat or vegetables cover the length of the skewer without interruption.
Food-protected kebabs are protected from flames, while unprotected areas are easier to burn, weaken and break.
When rotating or flipping the skewers, don't grab the end, the longer it takes on the skewers, the more fragile the end is.
Instead, use heat
Grab the skewer of the meat part with a safe pliers and flip it over.
You can also hang the long sides of the skewers on the edge of the barbecue, which will prevent them from burning under direct heating.
If you have more than one
Burner grill, you can also place the exposed end of the skewer above the burner that is closed or in a lower heat setting. —We Can Help!
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