How to barbecue the perfect steak - the best gas bbq grills

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-30
How to barbecue the perfect steak  -  the best gas bbq grills
Follow these nine simple steps and you will be in the steak paradise.Source: The temperature of the supplier is rising, which means one thing --barbecues.There may also be sleepless nights, but let's focus on the positives here and talk about how to grill the perfect steak.Because there is nothing more disappointing than killing a large piece of meat with terrible technology.The chef of Joseph Webb Sydney The Cut Bar & Grill knows a lot about how to cook steak (they won The best steak restaurant in Australia in this year's restaurant and dining awards ).Here are his 90 thousand safe steps.How to cook a perfect steak? First, take a step back --In fact, go all the way back to your local butcher's and start by buying the best steaks you can find.I would recommend sashimi in Scotland if you would like a steak or T-If you like steak cooked on bones, you will want to indulge.■ T-The bones are usually cut thicker (3 cm-4 cm) so about 45 minutes before the barbecue they need to get out of the fridge.Scottish fillets are usually sliced thinnerabout 2cm —So they can stay in the fridge before you get ready for the BBQ (which will help prevent them from overcooking ).■ Be sure to clean up before the barbecue.Ignite the grill and scrub it with a brush to release any nasty leftovers left the last time you used the grill, then rub them down with a wet towel or rag to remove any grease.Put the lid down and it will heat up.■ Now, go for a beer while you wait for the barbecue to heat up.About 15-20 minutes on the highest setting, it's hot and beautiful.Then you're ready to rock.■ Home-The steak you bought will benefit from seasoning it with salt and pepper.Using sea salt will help to get a good shell.Season the sides of the steak with a little rape oil spray (or you can spray the grill with oil spray ).■ Place the steak in the middle of the grill.A 2cm-The thick Scottish fillet takes about 1.5 minutes on each side, two minutes off, cooking to medium rare.If you want to cook it to a medium level, put it on the grill for two minutes.■ A thicker T-It takes at least three to four minutes on each side of the bone, five to six minutes of rest, and cooking to medium rare.Each side is cooked for about five minutes, and the Middle rest time is about 10 minutes.■ In order to achieve the effect of criss-crossing on the steak, 90-Corner, cook for about 45 seconds, lift the steak and rotate 90-The degree before putting the grill back in the new cooking point (if you put the grill back in the same position, the grill will take longer to heat ).Before turning to the other side of cooking, cook within the specified time.Read more about 10 healthy recipes for weekend barbecues: how much meat should we eat for open steak sandwiches?
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