how to bbq on a portable grill - best portable charcoal grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-10
how to bbq on a portable grill  -  best portable charcoal grill
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The BBQ food is so delicious that it can only be eaten in the backyard.
Learn all the knowledge you need to use a portable grill.
There are few things better than eating hot food on the grill.
One of the things is that no matter what you want to eat, you can eat hot food on the grill.
I love BBQ so much, I'm walking around with grill and charcoal in the trunk of my car, I bet there will be more people like me willing to do that, but I don't know how to do it.
There's nothing better than an impromptu barbecue, and after reading this you can get it done.
Portable Grill (
Sometimes called a camp Grill)
Usually suitable for anywhere.
The trunk of your car may be full of garbage and I guarantee the portable grill will fit, although you may need to make some room for charcoal.
The problem is that there may not be as much room for barbecue accessories (
To learn more about barbecue accessories, please check my article on the most important accessories).
One of the important barbecue accessories you may not have space to use is the chimney charcoal starter.
This is a tool to help you ignite charcoal in a simple, uniform way.
It's not a problem if you're out camping or around the fire, because you can start your charcoal with fire, or simply grill your food with the coal in the fire.
If there is no campfire around you, you need to know how to light the charcoal without a chimney charcoal starter.
Here are the steps to ignite charcoal.
First of all, do not use lighter liquids.
It affects the taste of your food and you really don't want to drive in the trunk of the car with lighter liquids.
You can light your charcoal without charcoal.
Let's talk about the basics of fire fighting.
Fire and heat rise, so to light the charcoal, you have to light something under the charcoal instead of above. Fire breathes.
It's important to understand this so you don't put charcoal in deep dirt or sand that you can't breathe.
In order to ignite the charcoal, you need some other material that is easier to ignite.
It is not easy to light charcoal with matches alone. (
Oh yes, the charcoal lit with matches has a lighter liquid that will make your food taste bad so be careful)
The best materials to ignite charcoal are newspapers and some small sticks.
What you need to do is roll the newspaper into tight balls and cover them with a cross stick.
Then you put the charcoal on the stick.
Once you have this device, you will light up the newspaper.
The important thing is: 1.
The newspaper is tight so it doesn't burn too fast and it doesn't burn too fast.
You have enough newspapers to start the charcoal.
It takes about 8 to 15 minutes.
Go to the grill now.
Most portable grills are almost the same, and the grill on the portable grill is almost the same as the grill in the backyard.
There are a few things to remember.
Portable grills usually have no walls.
Keep in mind that fire will breathe a lot without walls, so your charcoal will burn faster.
Therefore, it is important to avoid meat cuts that take a long time to barbecue.
Keep safety in mind when placing a grill.
You don't want to make a fire where your children play.
Just use your common sense and remember that barbecue can be very dangerous if you are not careful and it is fun.
This is all about it.
In another post, I will teach you how to grill, which also works with portable grills. But do it.
Go out and buy a portable grill.
They are cheap and fun, and they are suitable for outing.
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