how to be king of the grill: summer's here and your barbecue is calling, here two michelin-starred chef tom kerridge reveals the secrets to making your barbie sizzle - what's the best charcoal grill

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how to be king of the grill: summer\'s here and your barbecue is calling, here two michelin-starred chef tom kerridge reveals the secrets to making your barbie sizzle  -  what's the best charcoal grill
What's going on with men and barbecues?
Who else can be better than winning?
Win the chef with fire-
The thrower tied to his back?
"It's because of the danger," Tom Kerridge grinned and came over for our picture.
There are some very primitive things to cook on the open fire.
This is considered macho because you are setting fire to something that is always dangerous.
That's why Dad always lights fireworks and bonfires.
This is Tom's thoughtful view over the years of hosting the jumping flame in his backyard, and British men love barbecues because it gives them the opportunity to show their inner superheroes.
I think it's a protective thing.
During the barbecue, you are worried that the children will knock on the door-you do not have the safety elements that are made in the kitchen.
No glass-
So it's usually dad who likes to take care of and protect everyone's safety.
"Mom may scoff at such thoughts and health. and-
Safety experts will no doubt argue that the real danger comes mainly from these chefs who cause food poisoning in burnt food --yet-raw-in-the-
Sausage in the middle-but the men's BBQ is just like strawberries and cream is a big feature of British summer.
Under the first hint of the Sun, the shorts will come out and will find British men beating on the road of B & Q, hoarding charcoal, oversized metal tongs and more dazzling barbecue accessories, some of them look like SAS-
Distribute equipment, not just appliances.
When is an apron not an apron?
Of course, when it was a man's BBQ apron, it had military camouflage in its pocket and looked a lot like a combat vest.
When is a fork not just a fork?
When it has a light connection, it would be better to see marshmallow in the dark.
Tom used to spend six weeks doing nothing but a barbecue.
Due to home decoration, not Wilderness Trek)
-Perhaps the celebrity chef is best qualified to give us an insider on how to throw the perfect Barbie.
As the only two MastersMichelin-
In the country bar "hands and flowers" in Marlow, buckin county, he can be said to be the bloodiest one of our celebrity chefs.
Some of his suggestions are central, I have to say.
He first suggested avoiding the barbecue.
Theme display for supermarkets or DIY stores-go to the garden area.
He said: "I suggest using a garden fork and a spatula during the barbecue . "
No, you can't flush out your existing garbage!
"You can buy a barbecue bag, but you end up with pliers and turning equipment that you use once a year, and then it rusts.
Watch out for cheap and fragile pliers with plastic handles.
Like the fragile oven gloves.
I don't wear oven gloves at home or at work.
I use the oven cloth hidden in the belt, it is more versatile, it can double as a fire blanket if you accidentally light something.
Tom admits that the barbecue has been his passion since he went to school.
Although his parents broke up when he was 11 years old, some of his most precious memories include outdoor family gatherings, and the evidence is clearly burning sausages.
"We used to go out with other families for a few days and go to the Dean Forest.
The sisters will gather together and cook the sausage. Yes, the sausage is usually burnt outside and raw in the middle.
At the age of 16, he cooked his own barbecue.
"When my companion climbed up the garden, the wall at the bottom of my mother's garden collapsed and left a pile of bricks.
One day we decided to make them a barbecue.
We even found metal for the tray.
Because the barbecue is still there today, we must make the cement very well.
But the real barbecue education was a few years later when he was already working in a professional kitchen.
He and his wife, sculptor Beth, bought an old cottage that needed renovation.
For six weeks they had no kitchen when the work was done.
'We don't have an oven or a microwave, 'he said.
"But we did have a barbecue in the garden and all the meals were made by ourselves.
"So how does he explain the British love for Barbie?
It concentrates all the senses, he says.
The taste of food cooking, the scene of smoke, the sound of hissing.
Everyone likes it very much.
The lads got together with beer and turned over the strange sausage to give their opinion.
Very socially inclusive.
Barbecue is an occasion. ’A bloke-
Obviously, there is nothing attractive about friendly occasions.
Tight vest, and a vest that you can lift your feet in the flap --flops.
The barbecue is also a form of theatrical cooking, Tom pointed out.
"A dinner party-a good bottle of wine and a lovely table set-up-is like going to the opera.
Barbecue is more like standing. up comedy;
Entertainment is fun, you can get the guy in charge.
Food, of course.
Barbecue is about men's food: fl stone-
Steak, fat sausage, beef cow bris, pig chops cow hul-it's not a spiral vegetable in people's eyes.
This is what men like to cook, says Tom.
Large portion, on the table of the large trestle.
The fact that the barbecue emits smoked elements is the main benefit, but the higher, more direct heat also adds some caramel flavor.
There's nothing like biting a char-
Hot grilled burger Barbie.
Juicy, smoky.
"So how can a man throw the perfect barbecue?
Yes, the size is really important, Tom pointed out.
The bigger the barbecue, the better, he said.
It's like having a big fridge-they work as they allow the air to flow around the food so it stays fresh for longer periods of time.
The same is true for barbecues: large barbecues also allow different temperature areas, so you can move things according to the food and cook slowly or faster.
With a small BBQ you need to remove the food as soon as it is cooked.
Once you have your big BBQ (
Tom admits that gasoline is very popular but does not produce the authentic smoke flavor)
The next problem is the best way to solve this problem. Restaurant-
Tom suggested that the grade charcoal offered online should produce less smoke and last longer than the cheap charcoal.
To keep it going, use fire and firewood (
He says never use the paper when it burns, it will float in the air and can travel next door into the washing of the neighbors).
Wait an hour before cooking;
Good charcoaland-
The wood barbecue will emit red light and hum.
What about meat?
Again, you can't just eat steak and pray.
In fact, Tom did not recommend cutting meat at all.
"Avoid expensive meat if you're not doing it right.
Best choice [Coast Hotel]rib of beef].
Pork chops have good fat content and better marinade;
Meat like pork belly is good because you can cook it slowly;
The lamb is delicious and has a good spicy taste-choose the neck in the middle and don't overcook.
The most popular barbecue-chicken and sausage-is actually the most problematic.
Try to grill a whole chicken with a raw chicken and you are causing a disaster.
You should cook in the oven at 100 °c for three hours with marinade first.
Then cool it, take it out of the cold the next day, cover it with more marinade and heat it again during the barbecue.
Even chicken nuggets have problems.
He explained that the fat in the chicken would ignite the coal and produce a lot of smoke and flames, resulting in excessive heat.
The solution is to marinate away from direct heating and Cook slower.
Marinating is the secret to getting juicy meat during a barbecue.
"Choose to dry the smoked chili, or bake cumin with salt and pepper, and you can also mix it with olive oil into a paste," said Tom . ".
The salt in dry friction draws moisture from meat or fish, which makes the taste more intense-the fish is great on Barbie.
Huge meat may need to be soaked in the marinade for 24 hours, but 15 minutes is enough for a small thin piece of sashimi.
You can eat some spicy spices at will and it feels great.
This is a great opportunity to experiment.
It's all about creating big, powerful, and unique flavors.
Lamb is perfect for spices such as North African, cumin, coriander, spicy Indian and Thai.
Taste of original pepper.
The simple Greek salad and Dried vanilla are delicious.
The tolerant nature of the barbecue feast makes it less ideal, says Tom. than-expert chefs.
"The best part is that you're not just focusing on a piece of meat-you're still cooking a lot of different things and mixing them with salads, so it doesn't matter if something goes wrong.
Unfortunately, given the weather conditions in the UK, the key to being a Barbie is practice, Tom said.
Although meat is the main event, it is not the whole story.
The vegetables are delicious during the barbecue;
It was great to bake the whole celeriac on their skin and cut it off;
Wrap the new potato with foil wrapped in butter;
Courgettes are strong and easy to use.
The fruit is also good, he says, and when the coal cools down, put the banana on the skin with the pineapple with lower, slower heat.
You can put them there for about 20 minutes.
He warned, however, not to make the barbecue boring.
"It's important not to feel pressured about it.
This is an informal way of cooking, and the point is that it should be interesting.
So let's take part in the sausage.
Add to the fun and drama by wearing a Hawaiian shirt or comedy apron.
Pink cocktail with umbrella on top.
Please, for God's sake, neighbor.
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