how to buy a barbecue - built in stainless steel charcoal grill

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how to buy a barbecue  -  built in stainless steel charcoal grill
Is the burger burned again?
It turns out that you can blame the machine itself, which is why you should make sure you buy the right machine.
"Barbecues should not be dispensable," said Charles Munro, owner of Barbeque Pro, a store in free village, Ontario and Concord.
Restaurants for sale and renovation of barbecues.
Munro said: "The number of barbecues thrown away in a year . . . . . . Very bad . ".
He urged buyers to be careful when looking for the next grill as they face more and more cheaper options.
Duff Dixon, if you are willing to invest $600 or more to buy a sustainable model, vice president of product development, Gas BBQ, Ontario, recommends looking for a qualified sales representative, guide you according to your needs.
"In a year or two, if you want something for one time, you can go wherever you want to go," he said . ".
But Dixon's colleague Troy Foster says consumers are still looking for quality despite the influx of cheap models.
"People are looking for real good --quality, long-
In terms of function, the long-lasting barbecue will have the ability to develop in the future, "said Foster, deputy
President, Gas Barbecue operations, Ontario.
You can start with a standard grill and do it as you go, says Foster.
Features you can add include rotisseries, smoker boxes and even Charcoal ingredients. Add-
If you live in a city or have a smaller backyard, ons may be ideal.
If you live in an apartment, you can even buy an electric BBQ for about $250.
But ask your property manager first.
Most apartment buildings are prohibited from barbecuing on the balcony, as well as carrying propane tanks in the elevator;
Electric barbecues can also be banned in your building. Another (environment-friendly)
Option is second purchase
Said Munro, make you buy higher. end products.
His company is responsible for the cleaning and renovation of the barbecue.
To make sure your grill lasts, keep it clean, Munro says.
Black building-
Food residues can cause cancer and erode the grill.
"Will you eat in a dirty frying pan? ” he asks.
Whether you're big, small, old or new, Foster compares a barbecue to adding an extension to your house or kitchen.
He said: "Barbecue is a culture . . . . . . Your living space has increased . "
"Everyone gathered around it, and that's just one reason to go out.
"Give it a try" and other barbecue shopping tipsWe spoke to three barbecue experts and made a list of the attributes you should keep in mind when shopping.
Charles Munro, owner of Barbeque Pro, said the material "brought the magnet ".
Magnets should not stick to stainless steel, so if they stick to stainless steel, you know that the "Stainless Steel" name at the time of your potential purchase may just be a coating.
Stainless steel is the most durable, low
Munro said the maintenance materials for the barbecue.
He suggests making sure at least the part of your barbecue is stainless steel.
"Don't believe anything shiny," added Munro . ".
If so, it is likely that it is not stainless steel.
In addition, "No
When something is cooked at 600 degrees, "he said, so it is recommended that you do not believe the label if you see it.
Cast iron is another great barbecue material, especially its ability to absorb heat.
But you have to be careful or it will rust.
Dickson said another way to test the quality of the barbecue in the store is to "shake it a little ".
It may not be high if it ringsquality.
Natural gas or propane may burn hotter than natural gas, but that doesn't mean it will burn on your grill.
The advantage of natural gas is that if there is one, you can hang it on the wire at home.
These devices use more gas, but you don't have to worry about replacing the propane tank.
What I Call a barbecue is charcoal;
I call the gas grill . "
Both he and Dixon say cooking with bricks is an art.
"This is a huge, growing category," Dickson said, citing a large part of his store dedicated to the kettle --
Like a charcoal barbecue.
Dickson says people are barbecuing outdoors and often get charcoal barbecues as a supplement to what they may already have.
Because of the smell of charcoal, they especially like to cook in this way.
But it's more work, Munro says.
According to Munro, the average size of the grill is between 400 and 600 square inches.
If you arrange your time properly, you can cook for 8 people or even up to 20.
You can buy a delicious barbecue for $600.
Munro said that the average buyer is willing to spend how much to buy one.
You can buy a very good barbecue for $1,000.
"This is an investment --
"For a lot of people, thousands of dollars, there's nothing to joke about," he said . ".
"You got what you paid for," Dixon said . ".
Dixon and Munro both speak best.
Brands sold in their stores include Napoleon, Weber and Broil King (
Not necessarily in order).
Napoleon is a Canadian brand based in Bari, Ontario.
So parts are easy to order when you need repair.
"Buying Weber or Napoleon is like buying an Audi or a BMW," Munro said . ".
The product lines of both brands are affordable.
WarrantyAlways always looks at the warranty of the barbecue you want to buy.
Warranty may change for different parts.
But there are up to 10 models. or 20-
One year warranty, ideal if you are looking for something that can last. Note -
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