how to buy a grill - built in stainless steel charcoal grill

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how to buy a grill  -  built in stainless steel charcoal grill
Print this page and go shopping.
Too many numbers.
The tailgate has small disposable units, and there are huge monsters on the tailgate, with as many wheels as an SUV.
And the price is within a certain range.
A nice hibachi, great steak (really)
Can only cost $15, not long ago I saw a stainless steel job with six wheels on Ace Hardware that says "financing is available "(really)!
A good Grill is an essential tool for a modern chef, not just as a backyard entertainment, but also a second oven.
The best thing to do is to make meat, seafood and vegetables with a unique flavor, and because of the heat, it is closer to the steak restaurant meat than anything that most indoor ovens can do.
If properly configured, it can even smoke as low and slow as a dedicated smoker.
Here's a guide to help you decide what features you want when buying a grill.
Listen to an article next week about what smokers should be looking.
A few weeks ago, I tried to resolve the debate on gasoline and charcoal in Huffington Post. Size matters.
The first decision is the size associated with the price.
First look at the square inches of the cooking surface.
Square inches are calculated by multiplying the length by the width of the main cooking surface.
Please note that there is a shelf on some grill that keeps food warm and some manufacturers include this in their square inch statement.
When you decide how many surfaces you need, remember that you don't want to squeeze on the grill, you should leave at least an inch of space between steak or other things that are cooking.
Rule of thumb: about 100 square inches are allowed (10" x 10")per person.
Ask yourself how many people you usually cook.
Don't forget July 4 of partyHead space.
You will want enough space to smoke the turkey, so there is at least 1 head space between the cooking grate and the inside of the lid. Price.
What's the bottom line?
Some gas grills can cost as much as $5,000.
Remember, the more choices, the more expensive.
$100-good charcoal grill300.
The old reliable, very capable, versatile, indestructible Weber kettle can have less than $100.
You can buy a very good gas unit for $200.
400, and become the envy of the $800 neighbor.
But keep in mind that the quality does not necessarily increase with the price.
A lot of the $1000 units I 've seen don't exceed $400.
Temperature control.
The key to cooking success is temperature control.
A good grill should allow you to set up multiple
There are at least two areas for cooking.
One area of high-calorie cooking, another area of slow-calorie cooking.
For more information on this important concept, please read me about 2-
Regional and indirect cooking.
The charcoal grill needs a tight lid and damper that can be opened or closed to control the oxygen, thus controlling the heat.
Some people have the ability to improve and reduce coal.
This is a very good thing.
Can the steak be added to 600F?
Can you adjust it to 225F? Heat.
If you like red meat with nice dark crust in it, red to pink, even on thin steaks, then you want a grill that can get 600F or more.
The charcoal grill can do this, especially when you raise the coal below the cooking surface.
Unless there is a new infrared burner, most of the gas grills cannot reach this temperature.
The infrared burner uses a gas flame to heat treat a ceramic or metal plate, which radiates twice as much heat as a normal burner in the range of 700 f plus.
If you make a lot of steak, this is a feature you should consider. Smoking.
Can the grill smoke?
You don't need separate independent smokers if you can.
You need a strict one to smoke correctly
Fitting cover with good ventilation control.
You must be able to control the airflow.
For example, the Webb kettle charcoal grill can smoke well because of its excellent airflow control and tight lid.
Plus the $50 smoke generator, you can compete on the track. Burners.
On the gas grill, the aluminum burner is burnt out and the cast iron burner is rusted.
You want a stainless steel or brass burner.
If you only have one Grill, try baking the grill with infrared or scorched, so you can make the steak correctly.
Also, pay attention to how the burner operates from left to right or from front to back.
I prefer the burner that runs before and after, because it is easier to set up multiple heat zones, heat zones, Medium heat zones and low heat zones for cooking different foods or indirect cooking at one time.
Starter or ignition.
The gas grill requires a starter or a firearm.
Some are electric and need batteries.
Others use buttons or dials to generate sparks.
While electronic starters are faster, this is not a deal breaker.
Materials, workmanship and durability.
The best Grill is aluminum, cast iron, enamel bonded steel and stainless steel.
Stainless steel and aluminum do not rust.
Cast iron will rust if it is not painted well.
The enamel will not rust unless you grind it.
How good is it?
How much metal?
Heavy Steel maintains and distributes heat better than thin steel.
Is the metal thick enough not to distort?
How about the weld?
Does it have a sharp edge? Sturdy legs?
Big hinges and pins?
A lot of plastic parts?
Does moving parts look like they will last?
Stainless steel is popular, but it shows dirt, dust, grease and rain spots.
If you are a neat monster, you will frantically polish your Stainless Steel Grill.
In addition, stainless steel is often thinner and keeps less heat.
Not all stainless steel is the same.
Some are thicker and some have more chromium and nickel in them, both of which are ideal.
Look for stainless steel of 300 series or lower quantity.
Magnetic stainless steel can corrosion faster, so bring a magnet when you shop and use the lid.
Stainless steel is also more expensive.
I prefer steel or aluminum.
They keep the heat better, cheaper and less painful to clean. Grates.
Most barbecues are carried out by radiation or convection, but when the food is in contact with the barbecue, cooking is carried out through conduction, which is how you get the crispy traces of the barbecue.
Wire grilles coated with chromium or nickel do not leave wide marks and are prone to rust.
The cast iron grilles can heat the meat well, but they need to be greased to prevent rust. I like baked-
On a porcelain or stainless steel grille about 1/4 "wide or more in each profile.
They provide a large grill marker that is easy to clean.
The most important thing is: ceramic coated cast iron.
But you need a forklift to remove them.
On a charcoal grill, some manufacturers offer hinge grilles or access doors so you can easily add more coal if necessary. Rotisserie.
Roast chicken is a great way to cook the whole chicken and turkey.
Most charcoal grills are not equipped with barbecue grills and most gas grills.
Their electric motors are going to work. you need electricity.
A good barbecue shop should have a solid motor and a weight balance for the load.
The best rotisseries is the basket type, not the more common spear to pierce the meat and cook it in the center.
Rotisseries usually costs an extra fee.
If they only have the spear model, skip it, from E-Z Que. Thermometer.
Most of the thermometers on the grill are double
Metal, inaccurate.
Usually, the temperature of the meat height is different from the temperature in the hood where the thermometer is located.
Buy a good digital thermometer on the cable you can put next to the meat.
If you do this, it doesn't matter how poor the thermometer of the grill is.
A sign of something coming?
Blue Ember iQue Gas Grill has a digital timer, a digital probe for meat that alerts when the meat is at the required temperature (at right).
It even claims to be able to tell you in minutes how much fuel is left in the tank. Dual fuel.
If you buy liquid propane (LP)
Gas Grill, can it adapt to domestic gas if you want to do so?
What is the price of adapter kit? Wheels.
You may want to move it when you set it up, so it should have wheels or be easy to separate.
On the days when it was really raining, I rolled my Gasol to the back door so I didn't have to go out.
If it has wheels, how strong are they, are they big enough to roll smoothly on such a rough surface like deck, concrete, paving material or lawn? Side burners.
The side burner is a convenient function but not a necessary one.
They are perfect for side dishes or seasonings.
Even a few people put a baking tray on it, perfect for eggs, fish or grilled cheese sandwiches.
Instead of paying $200 for a building
In the side burner, you can buy a separate burner cheaply. Assembly.
Most grills are knocked down and may be tricky to assemble.
If you don't have the necessary time and tools or are not confident in your skills, many merchants will assemble them for you. For a fee. Manual.
Is there a manual?
Is it translated from Chinese by someone who can't speak English well? Cookbook.
Some grills come with a nice recipe.
If not, you have to buy my book when it is published.
Clean and convenient.
Can you remove dust or grease easily?
Some charcoal grills have ash remover and some have grease remover.
Is it easy for Grates to come out?
Can you wash or replace them on the stove?
Warranty and support.
What kind of warranty and/or guarantee does it come.
On gassers, check the warranty on the burner.
How is the dealer's reputation?
Is there a phone number and email with technical support?
Is the website rich in information?
How about the manual?
What if you need parts?
How long have they been doing business? Safety.
Are children and pets safe?
Is the electrical components safe in rain and snow? Footprint.
Can it be placed on the balcony of your apartment?
Other accessories. Cover?
Gas adapter?
Propane fuel meter? Night lights? Cutting boards? Storage? Griddles? Woks? Steamers? Drink holders? Can openers? Surround sound? Color. Ask your wife.
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