how to clean cast iron 4 foods you should never cook in cast iron

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-10-06
how to clean cast iron 4 foods you should never cook in cast iron
Most people cook with actorsIron pans love them with the heat of thousands of suns.After all, they are a must for so many people --Everything from breakfast to dessert.However, like your frying pan, it is not a tool for all foods.You should avoid making these dishes with cast iron.Garlic, peppers, some fish and smelly cheese, and other spicy foods tend to leave a fragrant memory of your pot, and in the next few things you'll cook in the panBaking in an oven at 400 degrees F for 10 minutes usually eliminates the smell, but it is better to avoid cooking foods that will be destroyed by the lingering aroma of the next few chefs.Once your pot is readyExperienced, no problem at all.But when your pot is new, even if it is seasoned, something sticky like an egg can still be problematic.Unless you like brown eggs and spray pots, put them in a regular non-stick pan for the time being.Related: The only type of cooker you should use is the same heat as the retention of a beautiful brown shell for your steak in castingThe iron pan can be the end of your lovely trout or tilapia fish.Keep delicious fish for non-fishstick pan, too.But Salmon and other meat fish that can endure high temperatures are OK.These are other types of cookware that you should already be using.Related: 13 mistakes you made in the castThe iron pan seems to have a complicated feeling on it.It is said that tomatoes or lemons react with metal, causing the metal to penetrate into the food and break down the seasoning of the pot.Others think this is a myth.If the acidic food makes your pan a little discolored, the baking soda scrub will handle it.One thing to note: This list is for traditional actorsiron pans.If you have enamelCoated cast iron pan, you don't need to follow this list-You just need to cook.If you make a mistake in the castThe iron pot is dirty and we have the tip you need.Cast iron is tough and can withstand slidingup or two.
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