how to clean cast iron 5 pantry items that double as cleaning products

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-10-05
how to clean cast iron 5 pantry items that double as cleaning products
When cleaning our homes, many of us come into contact with expensive, often demanding products.You may have heard that you can replace many commercial cleaning products with cheap items already in the kitchen pantryBut you may not know why they work.We asked scientist Ha to take us through some quick cleaning tips and explain what made them so effective.1.SodaBicarb sodium bicarbonate baking soda (aka sodium bicarbonate) is a versatile kitchen product that is most commonly used for baking.Because it is abrasive, it is also good for general cleaning.It is also slightly alkaline, which means that it can be used to neutralise acid (such as smelly acid in the body's scent, and propane ).Tip: While this method is useful for cleaning silver jewelry, do not use it with pearls.They are made of calcium carbonate and the acid in vinegar can be dissolved.The same is true of carbonated substances like marble.Since bicarb is grinded, it can damage some surfaces.2.There are many mild acids in the pantry, such as lemons and even Cola carbonated drinks, which are useful for cleaning.Tip: do not clean surfaces such as copper or brass as it will react and cause corrosion for a long timeterm.3.Vinegar is another convenient acid that is perfect for cleaning (no worries, the smell will dissipate quickly ).Tip: Don't use vinegar on the marble surface.Marble is made of carbonated matter and will react with acid in vinegar unless properly sealed.4.You may have heard that olive oil is not mixed with water.This is why rubbing oil on wood surfaces makes them more water-repellent (waterproof ).Tip: You can also spray on creaking door hinges.5.Toothpaste contains anti-Wei soda and other carbonate.That's why it's a bit rough and helps clean the teethThere are other dirty marks.Tip: If you have high-Gloss wall, if it eliminates gloss, test an area first.
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