how to clean cast iron Ashes work well for cleaning cast iron.

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-10-13
how to clean cast iron Ashes work well for cleaning cast iron.
COUNTRYSIDE: I am writing to comment on Frieda's use of ofoven cleaner to clean the cast iron frying pan.I do not recommend this method.Cast iron is actually very porous and absorbs the chemicals in the cleaner.Earl Home suggests that Earl Proulx offers this very effective alternative to cleaning the gunky cast iron frying pan.He's from 86-year-The old lady who buried the dirty cast iron in a pile of burning leaves.We have modified this to make a fire in our wood stove and when there is a good hot coal bed, stick the frying pan to the coal and make it red --hot.After the fire is extinguished, remove the frying pan.It will have a gray layer.Wash the Ashes with warm water, and the frying pan is as good as the new one.Heat the frying pan in an oven at 200 [f] with vegetable oil for several hours.My wife once found a cast iron frying pan in a real estate sale, and it looks like it should have started selling a few years ago, but it would cost 50 cents if disputed.After the "fire test" cleaning method, we found a beautiful frying pan with "scallops" throughout the outside, which has been covered with combustible grease for many years.-Dennis and Nancy Denton, Virginia country Blue Ridge Mountains: hope people don't use oven cleaners inside the cooker.The base of the oven cleaner is alkali--Very toxic, can eat the last of the cooker.If the residue can be completely removed, who can say it?There is a better way.When you have waste wood, dead trees, garden bushes, etc.Then burn it out and throw it into your pan.They will catch fire and all the grease will burn.Let the Fire die, the pot is cold.You can connect the wire to the handle and remove the pan from the coal.Do not use pressure-treated or any chemically treated wood.At my home in Tennessee, I looked at my grandmother and my mother --in-This method is used by law.I inherited many new cookers and made most of the cooking with it.No comparison.As you know, when some cooking process puts it into the food, it helps to reduce the iron content in the blood.Hope this helps.Love your magazine, read it from beginning to end.--Mary lakelez, country of wensburg, Tennessee: I am writing to comment on the January "o'venkerlier removal of cast iron gunk "./Feb.2007.What I am worried about is that this person uses this toxic detergent for a pot that is eaten.Cast iron can be cleaned by throwing it into the fire or putting the oven on itselfclean cycle.People should never use toxic things like oven cleaners.After cleaning, season the cast iron.--Megan, New York country: I chose apple cider vinegar to clean my cast iron.My best friend in the sink!This is what was taken out of my pot this week: hardened flour gravy, burnt sausage residue, hardened pasta sauce, and Anything greasy or greasy.It will also cut off the black building.End in your food.Lemon juice is no different from vinegar.I've tested it.I haven't come across anything that it can't lick and I 've been cooking for 35 years.This is what you do: put the problematic pan/pan in the sink and add the super hot water to fix the problem.Then add vinegar (a kind of "glue") and soap to the count of "one.Sit down the pan for a few minutes.Scrub well with a hard kitchen brush.No S.O.S.PAD, no metal wire ring pad, etc.Repeat the process if needed.You will be out of the kitchen soon!--KathyCoccia, Columbia Falls, Montanacounside: to clean cast iron, build a beautiful fire for cherry red coal.Throw the pot in and go to bed, and the next morning the pot becomes metal.Reseason.I have been doing it for 50 years.--
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