how to clean cast iron Best Way to Season Cast Iron Pans - Flax Seed Oil

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-10-17
how to clean cast iron Best Way to Season Cast Iron Pans - Flax Seed Oil
I try to use a cast iron cooker.It has excellent thermal dispersion performance, long life building quality, and the inherent ability to cook food with excellent control at high temperature and low temperature.It is suitable for all kinds of stoves, electricity, gas, induction-There was even a fire pit while camping.The only barrier to cast iron (if you can really call it that) is the seasoning process."Seasoning" cast iron refers to the process of accumulating a certain amount of material, which I call the finish on the pan, which helps to cook and create a halfDo not stick to the surface of the pan and protect the cast iron pan from any possible rust.There is a lot of theory about seasoned cast iron, complex heating and refueling from plants and animal fats of the same type, to do nothing.I have tried many of these seasoning methods myself, and I have written the method of flax seed oil, which I feel very inspired.This is the most durable and direct seasoning process I have found, and the scientific principles behind this process also agree.You can find flax seed oil in the refrigerator aisle of the grocery store or health food store.Flax seed oil is an edible version of flax seed oil, a very durable, hard dry surface that has been used by painters and carpenters for a long time.As Cheryl Kanter wrote on her website: "The seasoning on cast iron is formed by fat aggregation, which is maximized with dry oil, and flax seed oil is the only dry oil that can be eaten."In a practical sense, this is a durable finish, even after several coats and short-term heating, the dark glass black dressing on cast iron also hindered my daily use and cooking abuse for months.Like other cast iron pan seasonings, you don't want to use soap on the pan when cleaning, but in this way, I find that using a slightly ground sponge when washing dishes doesn't seem to affect the finish at all.Pour a small amount of flax seed oil into the pan.The less this kind of thing is the better, so shooting is not just a few drops, it's not more than a tablespoon.Start with a teaspoon and start there.Then, evenly apply the oil to all surfaces of the pan with a paper towel or rag, including the bottom, sides and even handles of the pan.The pot should have a slight gloss, but there is no thick area of water or accumulation.If you really feel inspired, spread the oil around with your hands and imagine yourself back in the old world.Follow the rule of thumb for any other end-Take a beautiful or even thin coat.You can always apply for more, as you will see soon.Put the oil pan in the 500F degree oven for 30 minutes.Some sources say heating the pan for longer, however, if you put on a thin layer of oil, I find 30 minutes long enough.In the process, the pot will smoke a little.Your oven will not catch fire, which is completely normal and natural.Hot linen oil smells a bit strange.This is completely natural too, and the smell will disappear.PRESS ON!Once you "cook" the pan for 30 minutes, take it out of the oven and let the pan sit down until it's cool enough to touch.When you are sure that the weather is not hot, re-apply a thin layer of oil with the same method described in step 2, put it back in the oven and cook for another half an hour.Continue to Repeat the process until you go through as many cycles as you want to go through.I found that four to seven rounds is enough to get a semi-final.Glossy, beautifully smooth, tough, black finish for use.Final tip -Make all your cast iron pans right away.In my opinion, if you turn the oven over to 500F for hours and make the house smell a little funny, you 'd better make good use of it and season all your cast iron cookware at the same time.The good thing is that you don't have to repeat the process often.I 've been doing the same seasoning for months and they still look great.* Update 1/30/12 * I feel stupid now because I say this is the "best way" for seasonal cast iron without mentioning this important tip mentioned in the comments: if you want to avoid making your house smell like smoke oilUSE THE BBQ!A good idea.Thank you to all of you who made this suggestion.I must use the grill next time.
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