how to clean cast iron How to Adjust a Briggs Nikki Carburetor

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-06-21

Briggs, also known as Briggs & Stratton, produce a range of engines for lawn mower.These engines contain the carburetor, some of which are brand Nikki.In order to keep the mower running smoothly, the carburetor should be adjusted appropriately.Any signs of vibration or black smoke are signals that you need to make adjustments.Avoiding this process can damage the engine of the mower.Remove the housing covering the air filter.Use your hand to pull it off the mower.Pull from the slot with your hand to appear in the exposed air filter cartridge.Turn the idle mixing screw clockwise with a flat head screwdriver for a circle and a half.This screw is located at the bottom left-The hand side of the carburetor.Turn the main jet adjustment screw counter-clockwise with a flat head screwdriver and a half.The screw is located at the bottom of the floating bowl on the carburetor.The floating bowl is a circular part on the side of the carburetor.Insert the air filter cartridge into the removed position.Start your mower.Pull the start rope or press the start button.Before the engine is warmed up, the mower is allowed to run at least five minutes with a half throttle.Turn the idle mixture slowly clockwise until you hear the engine slow down and then turn counter-clockwise until you hear the engine slow down again.Walk back and forth between these two directions until you can hear the intermediate speed between the two extremes.Connect the red wire of the tachometer to the spark plug wire of the cut law.Twist the two wires together.Rotate the idle screw of the aluminum cylinder to 1750 RPMs and rotate to 1200 RPMs when castingIron cylinder engine.Determine RPMs by looking at the surface of the tachometer.Turn off the engine for a few minutes.
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