how to clean cast iron How to clean a cast-iron skillet

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how to clean cast iron How to clean a cast-iron skillet
In any particular American kitchen, there are almost no more important tools than the actors --iron skillet.These things are so durable and useful that half of American gourmets have inherited their things from their grandmothers.Durable, affordable, almost impossible to screw upIron pans are the main force in American kitchens.From scrambled eggs to frying pansFried chicken, actor-The iron pan is actually part of the family and can help you cook some delicious recipes.Unfortunately when our grandmother tells us how to clean our actors, most of us are not smart enough to take notesiron skillets.Thanks to the Internet, right?Another wonderful thing about our modern day is that most new actorsIron frying pan.seasoned.You ask incredibly, "What is this seasoning you are talking about ?"?This is an important part of using the cast.Proper iron frying pan.Basically, we use a little bit of oil and some simple chemicals to add non-Stick the coating on the skirt.If the manufacturer does not pre-Season you, you need to create this layer from scratch.Just put some vegetables on the panUsing edible oil as raw material, bake for one hour at 350 degrees.Dry the net oil and use the pan.How to clean the plaster-There is no faster way to start a battle between the chef and the diner than to announce the best way to clean the frying pan.In fact, you have some choices.The basic principle is that old-school chefs don't think you should clean your actors with soap --iron skillet.In fact, this is no different.Some gourmets think that soap will wipe off your seasoning, one of the most important features of the pot.But the thing about chemistry is this: Remember how we put in the oil and heat the pan to make the seasoning?The process of applying heat to oil creates a chemical process through which the oil becomes a thin plasticLike a layer that makes it non-stick.This process is called polymerization and it is difficult to remove with something less sturdy than steel wool.So feel free to use a little soapy water if you're worried about bacteria, but you don't need to strictly clean your castingIron Pot with soap.The second aim is old.The same is true of the school, which is actually important: Don't take your actor-Iron Pan in the dishwasher!Not only is the process of exposing your actors --Placing the iron pan in extremely hot water can reduce your seasoning and exposure to the water can also cause it to rust.Now, it's important: there is no best way to clean your plasterBut we can point you in the right direction.For basic cleaning, simply wash the pan with soapy water or warm water and wipe it with a kitchen sponge.If there are some stubborn pieces hanging on it, you can use a synthetic scrubber on many modern kitchen sponges.Just don't break something stronger than this, like steel wool.For example, if you have cooked a whole fish or pork in a pot, or other food that sticks to the pot, go back to chemistry and clean it up.Throw some Jewish salt into your frying pan, place it on the burner at high temperatures, and then scrub the burnt messy part with a spatula and paper towel.Salt produces a grinded substance that releases gunk but does not damage your seasoning.The heat just carbonizes the rest of the food so it's easier to pry it up.Then wash off the salt and wash the pan with warm water.As we said before, water is a very bad thing for an actorIron Pan because it can start the oxidation process, which means your pot will rust.Due to this risk, make sure to completely dry the frying pan with a kitchen towel or paper towel immediately after washing.At this point you can cook anything in the castIron frying pan, but do not boil water or make soup in it.It's just asking for trouble.As an additional option, you can also manuallyDry the frying pan and light it on a high flame.The heat evaporates the remaining water to ensure that the frying pan is really dry.As the last optional step, you can re-Apply your vegetable oil to the pan and place it on a high flame to make sure your pan is seasoned and ready for your next outing.Keep in mind that you need to heat it if you choose the last option.If you just apply the oil without heating, when you use the oil, the oil may be sticky or even rotten, which requires looking for a new frying pan.Some final suggestions won't go too far in size.A 10-or 12-inch cast-The iron pan will be a very versatile tool for your kitchen.cast-Iron frying pans have been heated longer than Teflon or other pans, but keep in mind that they also retain heat better than other surfaces and distribute it more evenly.It's easy to burn in the cast.Iron Pan, especially when you put it in the oven, so be sure to handle the frying pan with towels or oven gloves.Cooking in castingIron increases the iron content in food.Children under the age of three are prone to iron toxicity, so be careful in children.Be careful when cooking acidic foods such as ketchup or recipes containing wineIron Pan, because these foods will wear and tear your seasoning.Always heating castingsCook the iron pan before cooking inside;If you start with a completely cold dish, then it's easier for your food to stick together.Which cast-Do you want to buy the iron pot?There are all kinds of actorsIron pot on the market, from relatively cheap T-Fal pot for retailers like Target to fullProfessional cooking utensils for chefs.Given that this is an important part of your kitchen arsenal, it's better to spend a little more on an actor --Iron Pot to meet your needs.Weight, handle length and size also play a key role in the difficulty of castingThe iron pot is used.Longer handles will give you better leverage, although they will also be nice if the short handle also includes the handle assistant.You can search online, but there are three options here.For a basic pot at an affordable price, you can try the Calphalon pre-seasoned cast-Iron Pan ($30) or cabin LCC3 cast iron combo cooker ($35)Season with Dutch oven.For something higherTech, try Le Creuset's signature iron handle frying pan ($200) with a decorative red look.Now you know.Go out and make something delicious tonight!
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