how to clean cast iron How to Clean Cast Iron the Right Way

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-10-26
how to clean cast iron How to Clean Cast Iron the Right Way
From a good housekeeper-Seasoning cast iron cookware is one of the best surfaces for cooking because it heats food evenly and can do almost anythingIncluded in the stove or in the oven.That said, if you don't know what you're doing, cleaning and maintenance is a notoriously tricky material.Pick up these essentials to keep the frying pan, pan or grill clean as suggested by our Good Housekeeping Institute experts and you will be fine.Before you start using, you need to clean your new cooker with hot soapy water to clean the cast iron.Dry thoroughly.Cloth soaked in vegetable oil, rubbing the entire surface of the pan, including the outside.Heat in an oven at 350 degrees F for an hour.Turn off the oven and let the cast iron cool completely in the oven.After each use, wash the cooker with dish soap and hard pig hair brush, but do not soak.Put it back into the burner and turn on the stove for 30 seconds or until the water starts to evaporate.After drying, turn off the heat and rub a few drops of vegetable oil on the inner surface with a clean paper towel.After cooling, put a paper tray or paper towel in the mouth of the item to absorb moisture and store it.Over the years, with proper care, your actor-Iron forms a deep, deep bronze color.Keep in mind that never (we repeat: Never) soak the cast iron in the water, put it in the dishwasher, or scrub it with a metal scrub pad or a rough cleaner.Otherwise, you will have to restore the seasoning, which is a complete waste of time.If rustyTo restores cast iron, remove rust using a non-metallic washer, wash with a little mild dish soap, rinse and dry with a clean towel.Then re-Season by coating the surface with vegetable oil (inside and outside.Reverse the matted items in the oven and bake for an hour at 350 degrees.Cool and remove excess grease with paper towels.If this looks too much trouble, Caroline Ford, director of the cleaning lab at the Good Housekeeping Institute, recommends picking up the pre-prepared cookwareLike carbon steel items Hotel, experienced.This way, your pan will be ready to use once you get it.
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