how to clean cast iron How to clean, season and maintain your grill

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how to clean cast iron How to clean, season and maintain your grill
Whether you just bought a shiny new grill or pulled your old grill out of winter hibernation, step 1Clean and season before embracing the barbecue season.The grill is like an actor.iron skillets;The more you use, the better they do.This is because the food is cooked on the grill, and the fat and juice are instantly evaporated by the heating element or charcoal coal balls.The smoke generated by the steam season the food with the legendary barbecue flavor.Smoke that is not absorbed by food accumulates inside the grill, which becomes "seasoned "."So, let's start with cleaning.If you have eaten the grill for a while and use it regularly, you may notice that the lid of the grill looks like a paint-off.It isn't.This is only the accumulation of layers of smoke.Warm soapy water, a wash brush and a small amount of elbow grease will cause extra black smoke to pop inside the lid of the grill, and there will be no trouble.You only have to do it once a year.Next, burn any pieces of food stuck to grates.Open all the burners, open the lid and open the gas grill.For a charcoal grill, a chimney launcher that burns charcoal when the lid is closed.Let the flame burn until any residue becomes white ash.Brush gently with brass brush or my temporary foil cleaning brush.The brass brush is soft enough to bend and does not break like a steel brush.They are the only ones I will use.A harder, brittle brush can also damage the finish of the cooking grille.Try this if you don't have a grill brush or don't want to use a grill brush.Crumble heavy-Heavy aluminum foil ball-sized tennis balls.With a pair of sturdy 12-Inch lock chef pliers and brush off!Remember to use heavy-Foil or ball will break up.After you clean the grill, it's time to season it.My favorite and very effective method is to fill the cooking grate with freshly cooked sausages such as sausage or Italian sausage, but any food in medium sizeto high-Cooking is ideal for at least 30 minutes of fat content.I usually cook sausages at lower temperatures than normal to accommodate this.Slowly roast sausages in Low PlacesMedium fire until blistering, very hot, very brown.Remove the sausage from the grill and re-Set the burner to high and let the grill burn the residue until it turns white for about 20 to 30 minutes.Do this when you enjoy the recipe for grilled sausage below.When you finish eating, rub the cooking grilles again with foil or brush and wash them.Following this list, Grill Maintenance will never be a big jobEvery time you use a grill, warm up the grill at a height.—After pre-When heated, use crumpled foil to loosen and clean up any gray ash or residual residue on the cooking grates.—After removing the food from the cooking grate, turn the burner up again and burn anything stuckRest for 10 to 15 minutes.—Use brass after each use-Grill brush or crumpled foil to loosen and clean the residue on the cooking grate.—Often remove the ash accumulated on the charcoal grill.—Always clean the internal and external drip tray of the gas grill-Once a year, clean the inside of the grill with warm soapy water.GRILL SAFETY—Be sure to read the owner's manual before using the new gas or charcoal grill.—Don't lean on the grill when lit.—When igniting the gas grill, always open the lid.—No gas or charcoal grill shall be used indoors;Outdoor cooking utensils.—Every time the refilled propane tank is reconnected to the barbecue, it should be checked that there is a leak in the hose connection.—Always use heatBBQ gloves and long gloveshandled tools.—Once the cooking is complete, cover the charcoal grill and close all vents.Close the gas grill at the burner and gas source.Roast Sausage with fireGrilled chillies put these basic sausages on a hard crust bread with lots of brown German mustard and caramel onions and you will fall in love with it.Start to Finish: 45 minutes one: 43 red or yellow belpeppers4 uncooked sausages such as sausage, beer sausage, cheddar cheese sausage, Italian sausage, etc.4 hard rolled, spicy brown German mustardcaramadeed onions (optional), heat the grill to high temperature.When the grill is heated, place the bell pepper on the grill.Cook and turn occasionally until the skin turns black and the blisters are everywhere.Remove the peppers from the grill and put them in lunch-Size of paper bag or closed container.Close the bag or container for rest until cool to touch.Carefully erase and discard the skin from the pepper, then cut and discard the core.Cut each pepper into strips and then spare.After the pepper is finished, close the lid of the grill and wait for the grill to reach 550 F.After the grill is at temperature, adjust one side to medium and the other to very low or off to allow indirect grilling.Poke each sausage with toothpick in several places to make sure they don't explode on the grill.Place the sausage directly on the clean cooking grill on the cooler side of the grill.Cook, turn occasionally, for about 30 minutes, or until brown, plump, and hissing.Take it off the grill and sit for 3 minutes.Serve on a bread with fireRoasted peppers, brown mustard and caramel onions if used.Nutritional information for each meal: 600 calories;340 calories of fat (57% of total calories );Fat 38g (saturated 13g;0g trans fat );85 mg of cholesterol;38 grams of carbohydrates;4 g fiber;6 g sugar;23 g protein;1,220 mg sodium._ Editor's note: Elizabeth Calmer is a barbecue and Southern food expert and executive chef at New York and Washington Hill Country Barbecue Market restaurant and New York Hill Country Chicken.She is the author of three cooking books, including soak, apply and season.
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