how to clean cast iron How to Make Potjiekos

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how to clean cast iron How to Make Potjiekos
When you have just purchased the new three leg cast iron "potjie", you should start it.I'm going to explain here how it did it because I'm older and I'm well dressed.You take your new pot and fill it with plants such as potato skins, skins and vegetable leaves that you would normally throw away.Add water and cook it the way you prepare a meal for about 2 hours.You will throw it away once it is done.The triggering process removes the factory varnish and oil covered on the pan.You should now wash the pan thoroughly and oil it very lightly to prevent rust and store it because when you are ready to prepare a real "potjie, "potjie" is composed of layers.The bottom layer is meat, the middle layer is vegetables, and the top layer is starch."Potjie" is a very informal way of preparing food, so it is difficult to provide a quantity or a specific recipe for the dishes.The reason for this is that it all depends on the size of the pot and the specific type of "potjie" being made.You can add any ingredients you want to add, nothing wrong, just unique.I will give some recipes at the end to help me, but feel free to experiment and "gaan mal ".(Indulge yourself and "go crazy" in Africa) because if you stick to four basic "rules", you don't actually mess up "potjie.1st RulePotjiekos consists of layers, and their order is important.(The bottom is always meat, then vegetables, then starch ).2nd RulePotjiekos is cooked slowly with medium heat (2 to 3 hours ).(This dish does not like to be rushed, but also has to be planned.) 3rd of the rules use enough liquid, but not too much.This is not soup or stew.Fourth, don't open the lid unless you want to serve, or suspect that there is a problem with "potjie.Traditionally, it is prepared outdoors, on the ground, on coal.However, I am using a gas stove to prove that it is also easy to adapt to "potjiekos" cooking.I am using a special adapter/accessory that is widely used in "potjiekos" cooking in South Africa.Sauce is a very important part of the "lunch.A lot of people add beer or wine to "potjie" to give it a unique flavor.This is a bag of sauce I just bought from the store.You mix it with water and "Hey presto" instant sauce!You can be creative with anything.I used mustard, tomato sauce, and chutney, and the stuff was mixed with some water and herbs and the result was great.Experiment!That's why "potjiekos" is so great and versatile.No recipe.Whatever you add, it's also a "bento" if you follow the basic rules ".You can make a vegetarian "potjie" and cut off the meat, but stick it to the layer.Now, there will be layers of different vegetables.Doing seafood, or games, I cut into pieces with 6 different sausages and made the sausage "potjie" once ".Everything depends on you.Replace the lid and do not lift it before you are ready for your meal.Listen close to the side of the lid.Sister Potter should be talking to you.You should hear its foam a little, just brewing slowly and having a bubble or burst every second or two.This is the right sound you should hear.Any vigorous bubbling or boiling means that the heat is too high and the meat may pile up at the bottom.For about 2 hours you have to constantly "listen" to "potjie" "talk" through the side of the lid ", and adjust the temperature accordingly by increasing or removing heat at the bottom of the pot.With the gas stove, you will turn it up or down, with wood or coal fire, and you will remove or add the coal to the bottom of the pot.It can take 10 minutes to react to these changes, so be patient.Never turn off the heat completely and then explode completely later.This will ruin Porter Street.After brewing and bubbling for about 2 hours or more, it's time to serve.Later in the afternoon, when I started preparing for "potjie", it was already dark outside.I brought "potjie" in, but the lights were not that good.The video shows how potjie should bubble up while listening.I have opened the lid when I am going to provide food for my family.Hello everyone!(The meal is delicious!The meat is very soft and the vegetables are juicy.If you don't believe me, try it yourself.) After completing "potjie", freeze whatever is left at other times for a quick meal.Clean the pan thoroughly.Dry the inner well to prevent rust.Before you store it, wipe the inside with some edible oil, and it is best to use olive oil in order to further prevent rust.Cooking spray should also work.The bottom of the pot should not gather oil.Before the next use, clean it up with soap and water, then rinse it thoroughly and you can go.Ingredients: 1 kg mutton handle, sawn into slices15 ml oyster sauce 50g onion, slicedSaltBlack pepper500 ml meat 50g potato, sliced50 50g if it is small, it is small. Peel and cut 5 ml chopped fresh oregano or 2 ml drops of ground clothing 1 ml chili powder 15 ml fresh rosemary or 5 ml drops: brown calf in heated oil.Stir-fry the onion until transparent.Season with salt and pepper.Pour the heated stock mixture over the lower leg.Turn the heating down.From top to bottom Arrange vegetables on top of the meat in the following order: potatoes, green beans, small balls, mushrooms and scallions.Put the chopped tomatoes on the vegetables.Sprinkle with oregano, cloves, peppers and rosemary.Cover and cook for about 2 hours.Don't stir during cooking!Note: All ingredients use "potjie" which is large enough ".A No.3 pots should be done, it takes about 2 hours to prepare and about 4 people.Ingredients: 1 kg chicken portions2 oil2 butter2 spoon stir fry large spoon large onions300 g key mushrooms300 g peas8 large carrot slicedSaltBlack pepper1 Bay leaf12ml or more12ml dry sherry250 ml acid creamMethod: heat the potty.Chop the onion, fry it in butter and oil in "potjie", then add the chicken and fry it to Brown.Turn the heating down.Don't move again from now on.Slice with mushrooms, peas and carrots.Add seasoning and a half-water bay leaf in the middle.Cover and cook for about 1 hour and by then the food will have good sauce.Add sherry and sour cream now, but don't stir, sim30 minutes more.Dip in the sauce with bread.Note: it serves 5 to 6 people in No. 3 "potjie" and takes about 90 minutes. Ingredients: 8 lamb chop4 onions (two chopped, two four points) chopped herbs for fried meat and big carrots (hundred miles, rosemary, parsley, oregano) olive oil (chopped) 1 large gross nut (1/4 chopped into small pieces and the rest chopped big ).A bottle of 1/3 red wine, 2 cans of tomato and onion mixture (known as "sheba" in South Africa), 2 small potato black pepperaltmethod: Put the pot hot and put some olive oil, fry the chopped onions and turn the meat yellow, fry the chopped onions until they start to become translucent.Then put the meat and brown in and add some black pepper and salt to season.Put in a mixture of potatoes, carrots, hairy Butters, tomatoes and onions, mixed herbs and wine.Add large butter nut slices and broccoli op top.Turn off the heating and let the pot simmering slowly.Cook for at least an hour, preferably two hours.Note: No. 3 "potjie" should serve about 5 to 6 people.It takes at least two hours to cook this dish.Ingredients: 15 ml brown sugar 15 ml sweet soy sauce 30 ml fresh basil, about 30 ml fresh parsley, about 1 kg fresh or frozen white fish, such as hake's "steak" 500g prawn shell removal and cleaning 1 kg of frozen marinade mixture (a convenient ready-to-eat food)to-The choice of squid (squid), Green mouth, shrimp, crab sticks and fish is all chopped and ready.You should find this ready-made packaged and frozen item in a local supermarket or department store.Replace it with any seafood mixture that makes okra or soup.2 lemon (juice only) 250 ml thick cream 10 green mouth in 20 ml olive oil, 30 ml butter, 10 ml garlic, 10 ml ginger, 20 ml seafood spice method: heat the oil and butter in a large pan, then add the onion, garlic, ginger and seafood seasoning to fry for 3 to 5 minutes.Add mushrooms, tomatoes, fish soup, Sherry, sugar and soy sauce and simmer gently for 20-30 minutes.Add basil and half parsley, then take out a three-quarter mixture from the pan, alternating with seafood.Start with the white fish, then the prawns, then the marinades.Add lemon juice, cover and cook 30-40 minutes without stirringAdd cream, green mouth and remaining parsley before serving and heat for about 10-15 minutes.Served with white rice and green salad.Note: Serves 6-After about 90 minutes of cooking time, 8 people came out of the pan 3.
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