how to clean cast iron How to remove brown stains from sheet pans — with stuff you already own

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-10-25
how to clean cast iron How to remove brown stains from sheet pans — with stuff you already own
No matter how hard you wipe, there are some stains that can't be washed out with soap and water.Example: eternal --Dirty sheets that always look brown, burnt-Remaining on both sides.But we don't have to give in to fate.Two simple-Probably already in the solution of the ingredients in your cabinet.Mix baking soda with white vinegar with hot water in the sink.(We prefer Heinz white vinegar and Arm & Hammer baking soda, but it works for any brand, really.It will bubble like the school science program, but this reaction helps to release the residue.Make sure your sink is blocked so your pot is flooded and let it soak for 30 minutes to an hour before scrubbing with a washing pad, steel wire, or the side of your sponge.Although steel wool is most likely to scratch your pot, it doesn't matter --You want them to look good.Wear and use, but scrub even the circular motion to make the lines less visible.Your parents always like to complain about the elbow?Yes, it's time to use it.After scrubbingCome down, wash clean with regular soap and water, then dry immediately to prevent rust.This process is also a problem: Ithelps clean up your drainYou're not clean enough-A combination of baking soda and vinegar.It's all easy, but in the process, remember to use the roll wash gloves to prevent your hands from being scratched by a rough washer.I have a sheet pot and I try to clean it vigorously with the one I triedand-TrueScrub Daddy gedozen has been around at least six times, but there is still mysterious residue lingering in the corner.So I made a soft bath bomb for my pot and let it soak overnightBecause to be honest, I fell asleep and forgot about it;Maybe an hour.Go to town with steel wool.I had hoped to exercise my arm, but it was surprisingly simple.After a few seconds of scrubbing each time, the brown stuff came off and there were no noticeable scratches as most of my cleaning was in the corner.I believe in miracles.The vinegar used to clean the cardboard pan is not a must.If there is a similar coating on the edge of the stainless steel frying pan, boil a few glasses of water with half a cup of vinegar for a few minutes, pour it out and clean it as usual.We all know not to use steel wool on a Dutch oven, so this is also a great way to clean steel wool without scratching the surface of the precious enameled wire.If that doesn't work, the bar owner friend powderis is a great choice.It's powerful, but gentle with your precious Le Creuset.You can sprinkle some powder directly on the detergent or sponge, wet it, and then wash it in the circle.Once you get them clean and look (almost) as good as the new one, you'll want to keep the shiny surface.To help prevent this gunky brown residue from piling up again, cover your plate pan with parchment paper or aluminum foil whenever you're using it --If the food had never touched it, it would not get the plate dirty.
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