how to clean cast iron How to Seal an Iron Planter

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-10-05
how to clean cast iron How to Seal an Iron Planter
Stay away from the boring clay outdoor planters and choose the iron planters in the countryside.Cast iron is a brittle, non-stretchable metal that is not flexible and hard, and it is an excellent material from garden planting to machine tool frame.Cast iron is not forged.-It is melted into liquid, poured into the mold and then sawed, archived or processed.It is easy to rust when the cast iron finish keeps its natural form, and should be sealed with primer and paint to protect.Clear quality using appearance or car-Apply a sealant to obtain the natural appearance of cast iron.Clean the cast iron planter with a gentle grinding cleaner (such as a dishwashing cleaner or skim) and a clean rag to remove any dirt, grease or other contaminants.This enables primer, paint, or sealant to properly attach to the surface of cast iron.Grinding cast iron surface with coarse 60-Remove the heavily rusted sandpaper.Coarse-Sand sandpaper can remove the surface rust and often scratch the surface of cast iron, so it is necessary to polish the surface with mediumSand paper to remove scratches from sanding.Remove light rust using steel hairs without scratching the surface of cast iron.Spray or brush cast iron surfaces with automotive or external quality primer coating designed for metal surfaces.The primer helps the paint to attach to the iron and provides further rust protection.Depending on the drying time recommended by the primer manufacturer, the primer is allowed to dry completely.Some products can take up to four hours to completely dry and solidify, while others that dry quickly can take up to four hoursDry products can be cured in just 45 minutes.Spray or brush a layer of automotive or external paint on a cast iron surface.Always use the paint intended to be used on the surface of the metal, as they are designed specifically to prevent rust on the metal.Choose any color to paint the iron and add more color to the garden.After the paint is completely dry, spray or brush the cast iron surface with a transparent acrylic sealant coating.Use only clear-If you want to keep the natural metal finish of cast iron, you can apply primer and paint.Depending on the drying time specified on the product label, the transparent coating is allowed to dry.Depending on the product, this can take one to four hours.According to the specific instructions of the product label, apply the car wax to the planter.Although the application methods may be slightly different, these methods usually rub to the surface with a microfiber cloth in a circular motion, and then rub off when the product is dry.Re-apply the car wax every 3 months to protect the paint or clear coating.Wax protects the finish from weather factors such as rain and sunshine, extending the service life of the finish.Place the planter in a dry level area with good drainage, preferably on a hard surface such as a patio.If you would like to use a flowerpot on the ground, please place the slate under the flowerpot.Don't let the plantation owner sit in the water.Stagnant water promotes rust and can damage paint or transparentcoat finish.Store the flowerpot indoors in winter, and if it is placed outdoors, cover the flowerpot to protect the cast iron.
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