how to clean cast iron How to Take Care of a Cast-Iron Pan

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-10-28
how to clean cast iron How to Take Care of a Cast-Iron Pan
This article is part of a series of articles designed to help you cope with life opportunities and challenges.What else should we write?Contact us: smarterliving @ nytimes.com.Maybe your parents gave you theirs, or you got one from the yard sale, or you bought one online, than you did on karaoke for a drinkMaybe you moved into an apartment and found an apartment in the oven left by a previous tenant.(It happens.Or maybe you just want to buy one because everyone says they are perfect for cooking so many things.Besides: this is an actor.iron pan.There are many rules about the cast.iron pans.Like, you have to take care of them.The work seems daunting.Maybe you'll put things in the cupboard and keep cooking with the cheap little pot you bought on the big potThe box shop, its hot spots and swings on the stove as it is twisted in the heat.Don’t!A cast-The iron pot is the best friend of the new chef.You can do almost anything with it.It is heavy and keeps good heat, ideal for frying and simmering.You can even use it as a baking pan in the oven.Like a great friend, it takes very little work to be happy.(Related: recipes cooked with actorsiron pan)Cast-The iron pan has four new, old, sticky and rusty.If you have something new, it's almost certainly "pre-This means that it has a glass black finish inside and you can start using it right away.Cook bacon, chicken thigh, steak in itAnything that will send out a lot of fat will help you form bronze on the surface of the metal.Patina is another great thing about the cast.iron pan.It is not just a solid cooking vessel.The finish line is almost non-stick.After each cooking, wash the pan quickly with hot water, scrape any stuck part with a spoon, and take the rest with a paper towel.After the first few uses, you may need to repeat the process several times, but if you give in to the call of a non-chef to clean things up with soap, you may not repeat the process, this will destroy the end.Hot water.Paper towel.This is not complicated.For an old pot, the kind you get from your grandparents or junk shops, starting with a hot potwater rinse-and-Dry and cook the bacon or burger directly.(Don't cook tomatoes or citrus until you have a very well seasoned pot.The sour taste will give the food a taste of metal.) Clean according to the instructions of the new pot, dry with a paper towel, and use the pot again tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.Use casting-The iron pot is better every time.Is your cast-Is the iron pot sticky?This is disgusting.But, it's just the excess oil on the surface that grabs the dust and more oil and combines them into a basic fur that you'll want to get rid of before using the pan.To clean it, use the heat-The non-stick casting water technology you will useIron Pan, strengthen cleaning with metal refining pad, strengthen cleaning with a little plate soap in case of very sticky.Soap will work and leave you a non-stick pan.Of course, it won't have patina either, and you need to back it up.Don’t worry.It is also an easy job.Pour a few neutralPut seasoning cooking oil like rapeseed or grape seed into the pan and put it on the stove with medium fire until the oil sparkles and is about to smoke.Turn off the heating, let the pot sit for a few minutes, and then throw away the oil inside.Wipe the pan clean with paper towels, leaving a shiny black.You know what is drilled from there: Cook some fat in the pan as soon as possible, then rinse the pan and dry it.Repeat.The rusty pot may need some work.Start with hot water and the same metal refining pad you use on the sticky pan, and upgrade to the brush if you need it.This process may take some time.But in the end you will get the original metal where you can start with oil, heat and wipeThe process of cooking and repetition.Soon your actorThe iron pan is black, smooth and non-stick.You can tell anyone who asks how bad you were when you got it and how great it is today.Want more?
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