how to clean cast iron Shannon Lush cleaning advice from June 30 2008

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how to clean cast iron Shannon Lush cleaning advice from June 30 2008
Can you un-shink a jumper?There are some stains on the carpet that won't come out?Shannon Lush provides answers to your cleaning questions.Q.What is the best way to clean up vinyl records?A.A small amount of glycerin on the cloth-Soap and water can work, but it can leave a fat residue on the record, while glycerin cannot.Q.How do you get [povidon-Iodine of light blue wool carpet?A.The best way is to use the color stain remover product.Dilute part of the color running product to five, circle a piece of cloth inside, and sponge it off.You can find products in the laundry area of the supermarket to prevent the color from flowing in the cloth.Q.How do you get the cat out of the mat?A.Take a photo with ultraviolet rays and chalk first, and the urine will light up.Mark the area that needs to be cleaned and then sponge out with white vinegar.Q.How do you get photos from an old album with glue on the back panel of the album and plastic folding on the cover?A.At the top of the plastic, put a damp cloth along the front edge away from the photo.This will add some moisture to the plastic, which will help to start stripping.Sometimes the photos stick a little bit and use sharp knives and hair dryers to get rid of the last.Slide the knife down and point the hair dryer to it at the same time.Q.How do you remove the marker pen stain from the 95 cotton jumper?I tried using metho but left the remaining stains.A.This means that you don't take out all the marker pens.The method does not leave marked water.So there must be another material to remove it.Try to clean it again with metho and clean the bigger area.Q.How do you clean the oven?A.Wet the inside of the oven first, then sprinkle with bicsoda soda, then wipe it clean with white vinegar.There are two cleaning cloths on the side and top of the oven.Sprinkle the bicarb soda on one cup and the other with vinegar.Put the vinegar in the back and when you press two pieces of cloth on the oven, squeeze the vinegar onto the bicarb soda.To better see the top of the oven, put a mirror on the bottom when you clean.Q.How do you clean the very dirty collar and cuffs on your work clothes?A.Make a paste with a powder bleach/detergent product, apply it to the stain, keep it for 20 minutes, and then put it into the normal washing cycle.Q.Can you recommend a replacement for a black dress?A.No.But Shannon used cheap shampoo and a small amount of bicarb soda water to wash her black clothes or black clothes, and she said she did a trial run between the black clothes and the normal washing powder that was washed 50 times.However, compared to cheap shampoo and bicarb soda, the same results were achieved with black shampoo.Q.How do I remove the candle from the acrylic circle pile carpet?A.Put a few ice cubes in a plastic bag.Put them on the stain until the wax is hard and then remove all the hard wax with a flat stick or a plastic knife taken away.Then put the paper towel on top, aim at the hair dryer, and put the paper towel down when you make it.Constantly replace the paper towel before it is absorbed.You will leave greasy marks, you can rub with tea tree oil and it will come out directly.Q.How to get the smell of fish out of the frost-free refrigerator?A fish is placed in the refrigerator and although cleaned with vanilla and other products, the smell does not disappear.A.Vanilla is not actually clean, it just smells good.The best way to clean is to use normal soap in the bathroom-If you use detergent, you will solidify the fish oil.Take a piece of soap, rub it on a pair of underpants hose and wipe it clean.Q.How to clean aluminum?A.Use tea bags or apple skins.Q.How do you un-Narrow the jumper, do you need to do this every time?A.No, you just have to do it once and then make sure you follow some basic rules about washing jumpers.Do not wash them in the washing machine, wash them in water of the same temperature.If you change the temperature of the wool too fast, it will shrink automatically.To un-Shrink A 2 tbsp of floating soil, put in a bucket of blood to heat the water, gently stir, leave for 15 minutes, rinse in the water at the same temperature.Leave it flat on a towel in the shade to dry, and after drying, you pull it out of it.Put a needle thread on the towel in the right size so you don't pull it too far.Go out every 20 minutes and stretch it a little.Q.How to get rid of dog vomit on the carpet?It was washed with vinegar, but there was also a little bit of liquid in it, but now it has a slight gray color.A.Drop a few drops of liquid on it and massage until you feel it changes the texture and it suddenly feels a bit like a jelly when it sponge it out with white vinegar.Make sure you don't make it too wet, it's just a little damp.Q.How do you get the smell of paint thinners from white melamine cabinets used to store garden and painting products?A.Melamine actually absorbs the smell, so to fix it you need to re-seal the melamine.Both the hardware and the professional paint shop have the sealer.Paint It, open for 48 hours, and seal it.The sealing machine can have most colors and clear finishes.Q.How to extract olive oil from shoes sued for new chestnut-They did not clean anything.A.Wipe with white wine, sprinkle with talcum powder, and leave the talcum powder until it is dry.Then brush off.Q.How do you get thick transparent copier oil from a white carpet?A.Drop a few drops of liquid on it and rub with your fingers until you feel it changes the texture.When it suddenly feels like jelly, sponge it out with a damp cloth.Q.A white cardigan after being soaked with bleach now has black stains on itThe stain comes from shiny metal buttons on the cardigan.A.It rusts before it rusts.It's either iron or chromium.If it is chromium transfer, you need to use a combination of vinegar and peroxide1 teaspoon of 3 cents peroxide solution mixed with a tablespoon of white vinegar-If it's a blue/gray/black stain, that's right.If this is a black stain, facing Brown, which means it is a transfer of iron, you need to put a small pile of salt on the stain and squeeze lemon juice on it and leave it in the sun to dry.
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