How to Cook Fish Fillets on a Stovetop Grill Pan - accessories for grilling fish

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-05-04
How to Cook Fish Fillets on a Stovetop Grill Pan  -  accessories for grilling fish
There's nothing more tempting than those dark brown grilled fish.in grill marks.You can put them on the fillets with a grill, even if the weather is not good.Especially convenient is the cast iron baking tray;Just a good season.Seasoning cast iron cookware helps to prevent fish from sticking to the grill and the grill is loose when you try to flip or remove the grill.It takes only a few minutes to cook the fillet in the grill pan, and the fat content is lower-And reduced.calorie dish --More powerful than Pan Shenghui.Unfreeze frozen fillets before cooking on the grill;Otherwise, the outer meat is overcooked before the center is safely cooked.Most fillets are thawed in the fridge for about 12 hours.If they are sealed in a closed package, unfreeze them by soaking them in cold water for 45 to 60 minutes.Replace the water in half an hour.New, colder water for an hour.Remove the fillet from the package and dry it with a paper towel.Brush both sides of the fish with edible oil or melted salt-free butter.Season with salt, pepper and any other herbs, spices or spices you would like to use.Citrus peel, garlic, dill, Rosemary, tarragon, Baili, curry powder, pre-Made seafood rub and black or Cajun seasoning mixture is a few options to refill the stoveTop fish fillet.Heat the baking tray with medium heatThe heat lasts for a few minutes until it's too hot for your hands to catch it.Put the fish fillet on the baking tray, skin-If they have skin, they face up on the side.Place them in the proper position for 1 minute so that the grill baking tray is scorched well.If when you slide a wide spatula under the pan, they are not easy to release from the pan and fry for a few more seconds until you can easily remove them.Rotate the fillet 90 degrees and cook it for another minute to create a cross pattern.Flip the fillet carefully with a spatula.Be careful to support the entire fillet to prevent it from breaking as most fish start to become flaky as they approach completion.Cook the fillet on the second side until the meat becomes completely opaque all the way.Thinner rounded corners may only take about 1 minute after flipping, while thicker rounded corners may take 7 or 8 minutes after flipping.
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