How to Cook Frozen Fish on a Grill - portable fold up gas grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-05-04
How to Cook Frozen Fish on a Grill  -  portable fold up gas grill
It is safe to cook frozen fish, but the result is not always as good as when cooking unfrozen fillets.The exterior of frozen fish often overcooks before the interior is completely thawed and cooked, which is a special concern for dry fishHeating methods such as barbecue or baking tray.When you grill the frozen fillet, fix this by steaming the fish in a foil bag using a grill instead of placing the frozen fillet or steak directly on the grill.Cook the fish part before you season it;Your seasoning will not stick to cold pieces.Preheat the grill to mediumhigh heat.Remove the frozen fish from the package.Place the fillet or steak under cold tap water for a few seconds to remove the ice.Lightly lubricate a piece of foil with non-stick spray or edible oil.The sheets should be cut about 4 inch longer than the fish you prepared.Put the fish in the center of the foil, the skin-If the skin remains the same, side down.If you like, put a few slices of lemon, lime or orange on the fish.Fold the longer sides of the foil, press the top together, then fold them several times to form a loose tent above the fish.Fold the other side closed, fully sealed package.Put the bag on the grill, seam-side up.Cook a thinner fish-Under 1 inch thick-About 8 minutes, or a thick cut for up to 10 minutes.Remove the fish from the grill and open the bag.Brush the fish with edible oil or melted unsalted butter.With salt and pepper, as well as any other herbs, spices, aromatics, or liquids that you want, such as: dill, Rosemary, rat sage, Basil, Baili, Cajun, or black dressing, curry powder, garlic, ginger, citrus peel, citrus juice, soy sauce or braised sauce.Seal the foil bag again and put the fish back on the grillThis time, we will be on the side to promote even cooking.Cook the fish for about 8 to 10 minutes until the meat is opaque.
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