how to cook the perfect steak in a cool box - the grill rust

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-28
how to cook the perfect steak in a cool box  -  the grill rust
When the sun is shining, the British in the United States can't resist the temptation of a barbecue.
Even though we had very good cookers in our kitchen, we took a bag of charcoal coal balls and rust buckets that could be used to grill and cook meat (badly)
The problem with the British BBQ is that we have a bit of rubbish on them.
It takes a long time to light the charcoal, once lit, it takes forever to heat up, and then you get impatient, try cooking on it anyway, and the result is disappointing at best.
If you want to make the most of the juicy steak, all you need is a kettle, a sandwich bag, a straw and a cool box.
The cool box needs to be empty, but any excuse to drink the cold beer inside is good!
Don't try to cook, a cup of tea! Perfect.
The smart lads I cooked with showed you how to cook the perfect steak without having to stand on a burning grill and wave a spatula for 20 minutes. In this super-
Simple video they show you how to make a mouth using some of the picnic essentialswatering feast.
A chef cooks meat in a bag-
The level technique called sous vide, you keep all the flavors and there is almost no confusion.
Now, if anyone can figure out how to cook French fries with a recliner and stir the salad during the break --
We can get rid of the kitchen together!
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