how to grill pizza - gas grill with griddle

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-27
how to grill pizza  -  gas grill with griddle
I'm Williams.
Sonoma's pizza barbecue gadget ($99. 95).
It is essentially an elevated pizza stone designed for a gas grill.
The Food section recently wrote about grilled pizza, and we learned that Mario Batali used a baking tray called piastra in Italian.
A piece of granite he put directly on the grill ($49. 95)
Very hot with Sears pizza dough, lamb chops, shrimp and other food.
It looks like you can go to a stone place and buy a big chunk of granite. -
It's not something that the edges are polished well, it's an unfinished thing ---
And put it on the grill.
No matter what the manufacturer of the pizza stone says, they end up crashing.
The same fragments as granite.
So save some money for yourself and make a friend of a stone craftsman.
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