How to Safely Put Out a Grease Fire (And Prevent Them Altogether) - outside gas grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-29
How to Safely Put Out a Grease Fire (And Prevent Them Altogether)  -  outside gas grill
Hopefully you will never have to face the oil fire, but it is important how you handle the oil fire if it happens.Grease fire is not like ordinary fire, trying to put it out in the same way will make it worse.Grease fires are caused by making the oil too hot, so the best way to prevent grease fires is never to leave the kitchen unattended.The oil will smoke before it burns, so if you see your pan starting to smoke, take it away from the heat before it gets a chance to catch fire.If you grill outside, you can add a layer of cat litter to the bottom of the grill to prevent grease fires from happening.To prevent baking in the oven while baking, add a few slices of bread to your drip tray.It's hard not to panic when you see the flames in the kitchen, but if you end up with a grease fire, there's a good chance you'll take it out yourself if you know what to do.You don't want to burn yourself with a hot handle or splash of oil when your pan is on fire, so don't try to move it or pick it up.Also, do not try to put out fire with water.You just scatter the fire in the kitchen.Just close the burner immediately and put a heavy metal lid on it.Cutting off heat and oxygen will soon put out the fire.Remember not to use the glass cover as it will break and give you more to clean up.If you don't have a large enough metal cover to cover the pan, you can try replacing it with a baking pan.If you have a class B dry chemical fire extinguisher, you can also use it.You can also fire out with baking soda or salt.Keep in mind that it takes a lot, so it only works for small fires.But make sure you don't catch anything else because of a mistake.Baking powder and flour will make the fire worse.I have to say it again-Never try to put out grease fires with water.As you can see in the video below, the water will splash and spread the burning oil drops to make the fire bigger.If you have a fire or it starts to spread, don't try to stop it and put yourself in danger.Just go out and hit 911.Have you ever had an oil fire?How did you deal with it?Share with us in the comments.
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