how to season a cast iron skillet whether new or used - how to clean cast iron

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-08
how to season a cast iron skillet whether new or used  -  how to clean cast iron
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Seasoning cast iron pot is the best non-seasoning cast iron pot
If your cooker is seasoned properly, stick it up.
Learning how to season a cast iron frying pan will help you get years of service from the frying pan.
Whether it's a new cast iron frying pan you bought at the store, a frying pan passed down from your grandmother, or a frying pan you bought in the garage, in order to make it a usable cooker, just clean and season properly.
Cast iron is a good material for cooking as it can have excellent Nonstick surface.
The cast iron frying pan is heated evenly during cooking.
You don't have to worry about the burning of the food when other parts are still trying to heat.
Clean cast iron frying pan if you are using a new or a neglected frying pan, you want to clean the cast iron frying pan before you start seasoning.
A new cast iron frying pan will be gray instead of black as you are used to seeing unless it has been pre-empted
It was seasoned before you bought it.
Although it looks clean, it takes time to wash it with soap and very hot water to clean the pores of the frying pan.
Buy a used rusty cast iron frying pan and don't be afraid.
It can save you a lot of money and after you clean and season again it will be as good as the new one.
The used cast iron frying pan may have been seasoned, but you want to treat it as a new thing so you know it's done right.
Like a new frying pan, you want to clean it with hot water and remove as much dirt and dirt as you can.
Rust can be found on old cast iron cookware.
Scrubbing with steel wool should prevent rust.
Although your initial cleaning should be done with soap and water, you want to avoid using soap as much as possible after seasoning.
Soap will take away the seasoning you are trying to accumulate on a cast iron frying pan.
Don't be afraid to use soap when necessary.
You will not do any harm to your frying pan, but you may lose some non-
Stick to the quality until your frying pan has a chance to surface again.
If it is necessary to use soap, be sure to rinse and dry thoroughly, as soap can penetrate the pores of the frying pan and bring unpleasant taste to your food.
Season your oven to 250 to 300 degrees.
Apply some tin foil on the lower shelf to capture any grease dripping from the cast iron frying pan when seasoning.
Cover the whole surface of cast iron with lard, grease or oil.
Vegetable oil is not the best option, but it will still work if you only have these.
You want grease or fat in the whole frying pan.
Wipe the item with a paper towel before putting it in the oven.
Place the cast iron frying pan upside down on the upper shelf above the tin foil.
After cooking for an hour, turn off the oven and let it cool with the cast iron frying pan still inside.
You just seasoned your cast iron frying pan.
This process may need to be done more than once in order to get a good non-
Coat the frying pan.
It doesn't need to be done all at once.
You can use your frying pan and season it again as needed.
To further season without restarting, you can wash it with a real hot water and nylon scrub brush.
Do not use soap unless absolutely necessary at this point.
Repeat the process of covering the frying pan with grease and cooking in the oven.
Cooking high fat and greasy food a few times before you use a cast iron frying pan, you want to cook foods with high fat content or foods cooked with oil.
This will promote a better
Stick the surface on your frying pan.
Bacon and sausage are a good choice.
Avoid using tomato sauces before your frying pan has a good base for seasoning.
The acid in tomatoes and wine removes the seasoning from the frying pan. Re-
Seasoning cast iron frying pan you may find that your frying pan seems to be well seasoned in some places over time, but not elsewhere.
Or, you may lose the seasoning because of some kind of food you cook in it.
This can lead to spots where food sticks to the frying pan during cooking. To re-
Season it with a frying pan and you will want to clean it as thoroughly as possible.
It is best to finish with very hot water, soap, wash brush and possible steel wool.
You want to clean the existing seasoning on the frying pan because you need to apply a uniform layer of seasoning on the entire frying pan.
You probably won't fix everything, and you don't need.
Just get it as much as you can so you get the smooth surface and accumulate the seasoning again.
Repeat the seasoning steps from above and you can use the cast iron frying pan again.
Finally, when you clean the cast iron frying pan, you want to dry it well.
Otherwise it will rust.
Some people suggest applying cast iron with some kind of oil or grease, if it is stored for a long time before it is used again.
This will help prevent rust.
If you decide to do so, avoid vegetable oil because it will become sticky and rotten after a while.
As long as the product is fully seasoned and completely dry before storage, this is not necessary.
Not all cast iron is as good as other cast iron.
The difference in the thickness of the cast iron frying pan Wall and the bottom will cause it to heat uneven.
High quality cast iron will cost more.
When seasoned or cooked with cast iron, some oil will pump more than others.
Olive oil is an oil that can smoke heavily even under low calories.
Vegetable oils break down during repeated use, and it is speculated that over time, using them to season cast iron frying pans may be more harmful than normal.
Coconut oil does not smoke and stays healthy in multiple seats.
Having said that, grease using bacon may be the best grease to season the cast iron frying pan.
This will help you to enjoy the non-
Stick to the use of cast iron frying pan, evenly heated cooking.
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