How to Smoke Ribs in the Oven - commercial outdoor barbecue grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-29
How to Smoke Ribs in the Oven  -  commercial outdoor barbecue grill
You can cook the ribs in the oven and give them a smoked flavor that is usually only associated with an outdoor grill or a smoker.But you need to use a different method than a typical oven.New York Times food writer and recipe author Mark Bitman says the recipe for roast pork ribs is needed.You can oven-Ribs or ribs on the back of the baby;The baby's back ribs are tender, but the meat of the ribs is delicious.No matter which one you choose, pay attention to the high levels of fat, saturated fat and cholesterol in the ribs.To incorporate them into a balanced diet, they are not eaten regularly.Prepare ribs place salt, pepper and your choice of seasonings in a small bowl, choose from condiments such as cumin, plain or smoked peppers, brown sugar, garlic powder, etc, onion powder or grass powder like rosemary.Mix well.Cover the entire rib rack with a seasoning mixture.Gently wrap the rack with plastic wrap.Put the ribs in the refrigerator.Let them rest for an hour to a night without interference.Option 1: Use a slice of wood to place a layer of even oak or pecan wood onto the bottom of a large baking tray.Add enough water to cover the chip.Put the shelf of the baking tray on the wood sheet.Remove the ribs from the refrigerator, discard the plastic wrap and place it on the shelf.Use aluminum foil to make tents around the baking tray, leaving enough space on the ribs to let the steam cycle.Curl the edges of the foil tightly together to seal the tent.Bake until the meat is soft and plan to cook 2 to 3 pounds ribs at 225 degrees F for about 3 hours.Option 2: fill the liquid smoke at the bottom of the large baking tray with a few glasses of water.Add liquid smoke and use about 3 tablespoons for every 2 cups of water.Mix well.Put the pan holder on the water.Put the prepared ribs on the shelf.Cover the top of the baking sheet tightly with aluminum foil.Bake until the rib meat softens: It takes about four hours to cook a whole rib at 350 degrees F.
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