how to use your barbecue all year round: set up an outdoor kitchen - 4 burner gas barbecue

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how to use your barbecue all year round: set up an outdoor kitchen  -  4 burner gas barbecue
Have a cocktail in the blender, enter the wine fridge for a frozen rose, bake a few steaks on the iron plate Grill, open the dishwasher-all don't leave your
Installing a full working kitchen outside is the next step in the broader trend to make the mural room more livable throughout the year.
The concept is not new, but Craig Ormiston, who represents Fire Magic, an American outdoor kitchen company, said, "this year, it's completely crazy . "
"We received a lot of inquiries.
"At the top of the market, the garden cooking and entertainment area has surpassed the swimming pool and tennis courts, becoming the first thing for people to add value and expand the use of outdoor space," he said.
The rise of home entertainment drives this trend: these are not just the space for cooking, but there is also a place to have fun doing so with all your friends.
In this way, it reflects the development of the indoor kitchen, and the unit and breakfast bar on the island are designed to create a social space.
"Not a layout BBQ is for a fence, you have your guests and gardens, we build more Island units, especially L-
Ormiston said, "so that your companions can sit with you for a beer, where you can serve them food and look out at the garden.
An outdoor bar may be reminiscent of a somewhat cheesy scene --up in red-
Brick and dark wood with beer mats, but these are sleek modern models that look more like belonging to a chic Mediterranean resort.
Landscape architect Rhiannon Williams, a landscape consultant inspired by the Garden Bar at the Alma Hotel Barcelona, designed a garden at this year's RHS Hampton Court exhibition.
"The point is to show that you don't need a huge space for entertainment," she said . ".
Her design includes a small bar with a wine fridge and a prep area.
Garden designers can help to skillfully combine the kitchen with a wider landscape and planting.
The materials used in the Williams bar echoed in the garden, preparing the surface and the pavement to use similar limestone, with black metal repeated on the rattan stands and furniture, tying everything together.
People are moving from granite and marble to an outdoor countertop and exploring more unusual materials, such as smooth polished plaster or micro-cement, Williams said.
They also want herbs for cooking and cocktails at hand: "herbs grow very easily and their efforts are very small, and you are more likely to use them if they grow there.
Many of them also have great leaves and smell beautiful, such as rosemary.
"The development of more durable and modern surface materials, such as Kelian and Decton, improves the design possibilities of the outdoor kitchen.
Mature outdoor kitchen brands from Europe also have more supplies, where they seem to know more about how to live outdoors than we do.
"The design of outdoor products is catching up with interior products.
Nice outdoor kitchen and BBQ with high mirrors
End the interior style, "says Simon Ray of Encompass.
The garden furniture store sells brands such as Swedish company röshadults and Austria's Viteo, both of which use materials such as teak, Keli and wire steel with the lowest aesthetic effect.
"A better combination of technology and all --
"Weather materials facilitate the development of products that offer a wide range of culinary styles and functions and allow the kitchen to remain outdoors throughout the year," he added . ".
British brands also have a place in the market, with a focus on wood craftsmanship.
Humphrey Munson (
Known as the maker of the indoor kitchen)
Recently designed a custom outdoor space for customers, iniroko wood, stainless steel and black granite.
Gaze Burvill garden furniture has applied its knowledge
The traditional oak carpentry makes a beautifully linear kitchen.
"We want to develop something on the wood because it is solid and has a tactile appeal," said Simon Burville, general manager . ".
"We also hope to consider the installation.
The construction of the kitchen can be complicated because of how the pipes and wiring work and how the surfaces are connected together.
Our system is easy to assemble: You can even carry it with you when you move.
"Rapid installation is also a feature of the Indian Ocean readiness of outdoor furniture manufacturers
Homemade island kitchen for £ 9,995 with bottled water
Gas BBQ and sealed cabinets.
"Make sure every element of outdoor life is strict and best, like the ocean
"High grade stainless steel cabinets with magnetic seals are waterproof and not affected by dust, insects and bugs," says creative director Heather McCann . ".
"Look for brass burners and ceramic coal balls to ensure a uniform distribution of heat so that the whole barbecue can be cooked, not just a few sausages.
"So, what is the typical specification of the top?
Outdoor Kitchen?
"People usually have gas barbecues, gas side --
Burner and Wood
"The oven for pizza," Ormiston said . ".
"Then you can eat a tandoor, a plate of teppanyaki and a ceramic cooker like Primo or a Big Green Egg.
Refrigerator and ice cubes
Wells will cool drinks when the sink and dishwasher can handle the mess.
Burvill reports that warm drawers-dough that proves all pizzas-are a welcome addition.
"I don't think I 've built a brick BBQ area in 20 years," said Barry burrose, general manager of basolomew landscape design, the company's most expensive postal code in London.
Oak or eloko is the best option and gas BBQ can be powered from power (
Instead of relying on bottles)
If it's close enough to the house
Shadow is another must, Shade said: "No one wants the sun to rise on them when they cook . ".
He has just installed a custom oak shed above the outdoor kitchen, supporting a mature Wigan;
If there is no shadow of nature, he recommends the remote control of Pratt
Control awning with integrated lighting can also be integrated. A modern-
The Aluminum blinds roof is another option.
Systems like IQGlass's Umbris can be free
Stand or integrate with the building of the house, with automatic blinds, fully waterproof when closed (
Cooking in the rain and in the Sun).
If you don't have enough space for a full kitchen but still want a good one
Find the center of the garden you can cook and try some new mixed wood
The designer looks practical in products such as chess's Heat 500 or Morsø's Forno outdoor oven (
Now there is also a gas version). These cross-
Seasonal products are more useful-
According to Burrows, this is another requirement that his customers often make: "With the increase in fire pits, many of our customers are now having a barbecue in the winter.
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