I am a hoarder: Bhumi Pednekar gets candid about her beauty regime and more... - premium activated charcoal

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-25
I am a hoarder: Bhumi Pednekar gets candid about her beauty regime and more...  -  premium activated charcoal
Bhumi Pednekar began to become a beauty product fan, and although she played a relatively simple traditional girl in the latest version, why did she especially like taking vitamins and minerals every day, partition screen Buddha soil Pednekar likes to gorgeous and test all kinds of makeupup looks.
The actress admitted that she was picky about her skin and hair care procedures and preferred the natural route.
She will talk about all the good things after work. . .
I'm obsessed with vanity and makeup.
So my cabinet is full of products. I am a hoarder.
Mascara, foundation, concealer and lip balm are my essentials.
This is what I use a lot.
I like skin care. I cleanse.
Tone and moisturizing every day.
I make sure I don't have makeup
Lying on my face before going to bed, I keep changing my skin care products because I think your skin is used to it and then they stop working.
I don't believe in using chemicals or creams.
I prefer natural products.
I do color protection treatment every two months.
I go to the hair spa whenever I have a chance.
I use a lot of vitamin E on my hair.
I recently started to oil my hair.
I wish I had found it.
I recently found an acne problem.
I didn't have it before, so I wanted to figure it out.
I think the right diet is the solution to this problem.
Your skin will be great if you eat healthy.
I'm a good skin. Madhuri Dixit-
She has always been an idol in the process of growing up. She has bright skin.
Changes happen every few months.
Now I use Si Giorgio Armani.
I also like Dior's j 'adore.
I like strong perfume.
I like to apply honey, ginger powder and milk to my face.
I used a lot of protein in my hair to make a mask.
I also use argan oil and sometimes I mix it with the protein.
I learned through Instagram that activated carbon works for my face as well.
I eat a lot of food with vitamin E.
I make sure my nutrition level is up to standard.
I am particularly interested in the vitamins and minerals I consume every day. . .
I have seen a change in my skin. My lip balm.
I used Dior's lip gloss.
I don't want to put too much money whenever I go out
OK, I'm just using mascara and some balm on my cheeks and I'm ready.
It's beautiful and makes your face shine.
I'm either naked or in depth.
I don't like pink.
I like deep lake.
Once, I colored my hair myself before traveling to Europe.
My hair is orange.
I put the dye too long.
I ended up having to get it black again.
Just mascara, lip balm and cover conce cream.
My hair is wearing down all the time.
Don't do a lot of things to your skin until you reach a certain age, because your skin naturally needs to be horny and naturally needs to be self-repaired.
Until recently, I only used almond oil on my face.
My mother wouldn't let us use cream. I appreciate it.
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