in garden grove, korean restaurant in chon won specializes in marinated meats sliced and cooked right in front of you. - charcoal barbecue korean restaurant

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-05-06
in garden grove, korean restaurant in chon won specializes in marinated meats sliced and cooked right in front of you.  -  charcoal barbecue korean restaurant
Let's get to the point: the main attraction of Chon Won is barbecue.
Not a barbecue in the American sense, usually refers to pork on chicken, beef or bones cooked on wood or charcoal fire.
Korean barbecue refers to marinated boneless chicken, beef or pork (or seafood)
Bake on the gas fire in the middle of your desk.
There is no doubt that what you get is fresh, because in most cases what will be baked will be cut in front of you.
The main event is-
Grilled pork ribs--
You can watch the meat cut off the bone.
It's worth the barbecue on its own at Chon Won, but not just because it's too fresh.
The meat has been marinated with garlic, pepper and soy, who knows what else, and the result is very delicious.
It seems that this is not enough. you should take the freshly cooked beef slices off the grill and wrap them with lettuce leaves, plus a very complementary sauce, garlic paste.
The combination is irresistible.
Of course, there are other possibilities for barbecue, including chicken (
It has a lot of salt on the bottom of its Sesame oil dip, so don't stir)
Pork, boars and squid were the least successful.
Of course, the meal in Incheon started from the table, except for the small bowl of cabbage kimchi, flavored with garlic and pepper, there are otherso-
Spicy and delicious dishes, including Julius marinated with rice vinegar, cucumber kimchi, crab in Chilean sauce, steamed spinach and bean sprouts, dry cod and almost-sweet gobo (burdock)root.
Even before that, there was a bowl of tripe with moderate seasoning. I usually didn't like tripe and it was delicious.
The menu does not end with a barbecue. This three-
Room Garden Grove also offers a variety of Korean cuisine from seafood to hot pot to soup.
In fact, this is the first week of the Korean lunar new year and is the traditional time for ttokkuk (
Duk guk here)
Soup with shirt eggs, taste of cow bris and "rice cake" named after the soup "(
It has a dense, glue-like texture more like a firm cream freeze).
But the taste of ttokkuk is very subtle and I prefer ttok manduguk, which is a less traditional dumpling and also available at Chon Won. These crescent-
The shape of the ravioli, combined with delicious meat and vegetable fillings, adds a taste and passion to this simple soup.
But if you do order ttokkuk or ttok manduguk, don't expect it to show up at the beginning of the meal.
In most parts of Asia, soup, as a digestive substance, is served after meals.
At Chon Won, it appears in the middle, perhaps a taste cleaner between dishes with a stronger flavor. Among the non-
My favorite is kalbi jim.
This bowl of braised pork ribs with carrots and onions has a familiar feeling, but the taste is stronger than that of European peers.
On the other hand, Sam Gildon, a plain Cornwall hen, stuffed with rice in the broth, reminds me of my grandmother's central European boiled chicken, and, like her, filling it with salt.
Yukhwe mixed rice with coarse noodles-
The shape of marinated raw beef.
It's delicious, but unfortunately mushy, as carpaccio often happens, probably for the same reason ---
The meat was frozen for easy cutting.
The only dessert is free red bean ice cream-
Not as strange as it sounds.
Apart from the slightly dry texture of the beans, it looks like blueberry ice cream.
In addition to tea, the drinks include Scotch whisky and beer (
OB Korean beer, for example)
Sake and Korean rice brandy, which taste like a mixture of gin and vodka.
Some Korean BBQ shops do a great decoration with tables made of sliced trees and lots of carved wood, but at Chon Won you are basically cleanlighted place.
However, when the table is suddenly filled with a bowl of kimchi and the meat starts crackling on the grill in front of you, the attention to the decoration disappears ---
Eyes, ears and nose-
Will find a new, more eye-catching focus.
Big weight.
The main course, including side dishes, is $9. 95 to $12. 95.
Located in Chon Won, 13321 Brookhurst Street.
Garden Grove ,(714)539-8989.
Open every day from noon to midnight.
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