In Our Own Backyard: Cap St. Jacques - charcoal grills

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In Our Own Backyard: Cap St. Jacques  -  charcoal grills
While there are a lot of things to see and do in distant places, the best things are sometimes found in our own backyard.
With this in mind, the West Island section of the Gazette explores the sights and delicacies of our world, both on the island and on the island.
What's a better way to cool down from high heat and humidity than splash in Cap St
130-Jacques beach in West Pearsonmetre-
Long Beach is at the intersection of two mountains and lakes on the Prairie.
As it is part of the nature park, there are a lot of trees and beaches around and let's forget about city life in a few hours.
The beach is an integral part of the area Cap St.
Jacques Nature Park
With an area of about 300 hectares, the park is the largest in Montreal and offers hiking trails and organic farms.
There is a lot of white sand here, so kids can have a good time building castles and making mud pies.
Water is shallow enough for young children, but water is still deep enough (about 4 feet) for adults ).
It is reported that the water levels of lakes and rivers are lower than usual this season.
There are two lifeguards on duty, watching the beach from the tower, often whistling by passing the rope
Games that are considered dangerous are prohibited from being in the swimming area or putting their children on their shoulders.
Of course, the weekend will be busier if weather permits.
For example, about 2,700 people visited Cap St on a Saturday earlier this month. Jacques Beach.
There were about 1,800 tourists last Sunday.
Every year, there are about 60,000 tourists on the beach.
This may be an iconic year of attendance.
In June, the number of beach tourists increased by about 10,000 over the same period last year.
This July was the same as July 2011.
This is a great place for a family picnic, remember you can't eat on the beach.
Patrols often warn people that they must eat in the picnic area designated in the trees next to the beach.
It should be noted that you can bring a charcoal grill in the picnic area.
There is even a specially designed trash can that can discard charcoal at the end of the day.
Most picnic tables are in the shade.
City and province to carry out bacterial testing of water quality.
It has been rated excellent for swimming so far this summer.
In recent years, beach closures are rare for swimmers.
A beach in the current location was opened in the 1950 s but closed in the 1960 s due to serious pollution.
It reopened to the public in 1988, initially only on weekends, but from 1990, seven days a week in the summer.
Dry sand between the coastline and the shaded area of the picnic area, White Heat can be felt on super sunny days.
With shoes like flip covers
Flip-flops or crocodiles walking on the beach.
There is a snack shack near the beach that offers cold drinks and frozen food, but there are very few bargains.
It's a good idea to pack the fridge and lunch.
Free admission for children aged 5 and under.
Children aged 6 to 17 and children aged 60 and over are $3 per person. It’s $4. 50 per adult.
The parking lot is only a short walk from the picnic area near the beach for $8 and must be paid by automatic machine.
The printed ticket must be visible on the vehicle dashboard.
You can also rent a canoe, kayak or paddle boat starting at $30
Minute tour.
Longer rental hours of 1 to 3 hours and full day rentals are also available.
You can check the water once a week
Online quality rating in ville. montreal. qc.
Ca, then look under the beach in the search index. Or check mddep. gouv. qc.
Beach water ca-
Quality ratings throughout Quebec.
Park officials state the condition of the water at Cap St.
Jacques is known for its cleanliness.
Rated "excellent" all summer, which means
The Count of E. coli is 0-
20 per 100 ml. A no-
Swimming consultation is only available in E.
The number of E. coli is more than 200 per 100 ml.
The time to go to the beach is usually between two and five hours.
The beach is open to the public from 10. m. to 7 p. m.
Every day in this season. Cap St.
Jacques Beach is located at 21115 Gunn Avenue.
In pieronz, about six kilometers west of Santa. Charles Blvd.
Just east of L'Oreal Road.
There is an STM bus route.
This will take you to Cap. St.
Take the Jacques Park along Gunn Avenue.
Seven days a week.
For more information, please call 514-280-6871.
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