in the garden: take a peek into some private spaces - large round metal fire pit

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in the garden: take a peek into some private spaces  -  large round metal fire pit
$1 per adult per garden, City View community art space and tour manual for North Shore garden center and library.
Art in the garden, twice a year
Explore the beautiful gardens on a one-day tour of Vancouver's North Shore Gardens, enjoy original art and listen to live music.
This is a cracked concept that Linda Phil, director of the North Vancouver Community Arts Committee, proposed in 1999.
This year, from deep Bay to Eagle Harbor, there are 16 gardens on the north shore open to tourists. Thirty-
The two artists will exhibit their works and will perform 20 music performances.
One of the top gardens of tourism that all dedicated plant enthusiasts will love is a beautiful work built by Delphia Johnstone in the past 25 years.
The garden, located on 829 Fairway Avenue, is filled with rare and unusual plant treasures, all presented in a carefully organized art layout designed to evoke a happy response.
"Very good art moved people.
So is the garden, "Johnston said.
"It's important how my garden feels.
I hope they feel a sense of peace and happiness.
"Johnstone is a member of the hardy plant group in Vancouver and often shop in professional nurseries, such as the free spirit nursery in Lanley and the Phoenix SUGEN plant in Richmond, buying new and unusual plants
Plants ordered by Johnstoneeven are hard to find in mail order nurseries in other parts of the country.
The result is an exciting and eclectic collection that will surely excite gardeners of all levels of expertise and areas of interest.
From the moment they arrive, visitors can enjoy a compact front garden.
Here they will find the fairy clock in China.
Disporum cantoniense)
Night herons and chocolate vines, which are not very common, are covered with long leaves.
A winding cobbled path through this section, through the rain-free waterfall, through the white cuckoo trees filled with osmanthus, white flower trees, cypress trees, Japanese maple trees, pagans, towering cranberries, summer snowflakes and three Delaware valleys.
The center of the anchor is a cluster of towering dark green cedar.
Johnston's garden contains plants coveted by many gardening experts, such as Apple (Mayapple)podophyllum)
Black Bull parsley (
Emei Ravenswing), seven-sons flower (
Seven dishes)
Varieties and precious specialties of Arisaema, such as Haitong and umbrella leaves (
Green Bee grass)
And Chinese fairy flowers.
On the right side of the House, Johnston had a "fern walk" where she planted an upright Japanese Lee Kuan Yew (
, Mahonia, sarcococa and a fence covered with kiwi fruit (
Kiwi kolomikta)
Strawberry. tipped leaves.
After seeing it all, visitors may feel like they 've seen enough, but it's just an appetizer before the plant feast waits.
The road to the main garden is under the canopy of a large katsura, passing by a twisted willow tree, through an arbour covered by Concord vines, at the bottom of the fragrance of spring
Within the hotel, Johnston's enthusiasm for the hotel was immediately revealed.
These reliable SUGEN plants are highlighted in a variety of creative ways in stylish containers, hanging baskets and featured specimens.
The garden was apparently built for social and entertainment.
It has a large deck with hot tub and covered BBQ/bar area, but there are also many quiet, more secluded sitting points around the garden, when you find them, some will surprise you.
A tree under the canopy of a giant coral bark maple tree, known as the moon gaze area, because Johnston and her husband Bob like to sit there when the moon is full.
From here, a stepping stone leads to a small forest with cuckoo.
This small route is composed of falling, epimedium, and blue purple cory lines, and the color is limited to light pink, blue and soft white.
There is also a comfortable rest area nearby, a circular terrace surrounded by three antique wrought iron screens, with a fire pit in the center.
Behind the garden near Seymour golf course, there is a secluded "meditation" space where Johnston likes to enjoy her morning coffee.
"This place has the first rays of sunshine of the day, which is especially peaceful and private," she said . ".
Interestingly, there is a gong next to the bench, no doubt to remind Bob to bring coffee.
Behind the bench, a ginkgo tree adds screening when the metal fence is covered with lush hearts --
The shape of the Dutch tube vine leaves.
The path began again, walking around the garden, through a cottage --
Storage shed in Dutch stable door style.
A plaque on the Cottage said: "There will never be hope in the heart of the real gardener.
False Seal of Solomon (
Maianthemum racemosum)
When the climbing hydrangea covers the fence and the Parrotia tree, it acts as a ground cover that offers elegant shapes and stunning autumn colors. Late-
The color of summer is provided by an old big hibiscus red heart (rose of Sharon).
Next, a series of arches supporting the clematis lead to the central lawn area, where a stewartia tree replaces a fallen magnolia, filled with white irises amsonia and any of them.
The border is anchored in a corner by a tall, elegant, multi-dimensional corner
The layered water function adds soothing water gushing sounds to the area.
"I don't grow any plants that are suitable for summer colors," Johnstone said . ".
"For this I rely entirely on the color of the roots and leaves.
"Trudy Rey is located in the steep hillside garden at 716 Maurelle Court, between the mountain park on the Royal Boulevard and Malaspina Park, and will also open art at Garden events
This is a mature Azalea Garden with at least 85 Rodos and Azalea scattered on the slopes, mixed with various roots and companion shrubs.
Rey bought the house when he moved from Victoria 10 years ago.
Her first love was not gardening, but hiking.
"I like to stay in the mountains as much as possible-hiking, mountain climbing, backpacking, back --
Skiing-but then I suffered from fibromyalgia and I have been tired and sore since then.
"The garden has become a source of relaxation and has replaced her love for hiking in the mountains: it is on a steep slope with multiple steps.
But as with all the good hiking, there are rewards here: you can stop for spectacular sea views and gray spots in the distance.
Rey also created some peaceful terrace areas, including the terrace area next to the cottage
Just like the gap between the paving stones is filled with blue star reptiles and hernia.
Other flower beds on the terrace are planted with honeysuckle, spear, fig tree, water lily, Oriental poppy, Rose and halberd.
At the top of the mountain, next to the House, a large blue flower pot can be seen on the blue steps between a larger shaded patio.
The nearby borders are full of abelia bushes, lithodora, nandina and inula.
A wooden wall supports a garden full of roots and ornamental grass, as well as a huge cedar stump that smells of cranberries.
The tourists walked back from the slope, passing through a basin of pan grass, into another cuckoo Dale, where there was a statue of the Greek goddess.
Despite her poor health, Rey pushed herself through the garden project with energy and enthusiasm.
"When I feel like I'm dragging my feet, I can walk into my garden and feel the connection to nature again.
It always lifts my spirits.
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