Infrared Barbecues Poised to Hit Backyards This Summer - backyard gas grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-05-06
Infrared Barbecues Poised to Hit Backyards This Summer  -  backyard gas grill
ALBANY, Ga.-For 25 years, the chefs of the expensive steak house have been barbecuing on stoves cooked with infrared energy.Now the high-The backyard barbecue near you may use temperature technology.With the expiration of a key patent, including market leader Char-Broil has been scrambling to bring infrared cooking to the masses with models of $500 to $1,000.Previously, the grill cost as much as $5,000."The IR is very hot," said Leslie Wheeler, a spokeswoman for the fireplace, terrace and barbecue Society, an industry group based in Arlington, Va."They are perfect for baking Coke, and then you either turn it off or move to another burner to cook."Click here to view FOXNews.Personal Technology Center.The grill is still powered by propane and has a traditional gas burner, mainly heated by convectionor hot air.But they can also cook food with radiant heat generated by one or more infrared burners.(Infrared is between visible light and microwave energy in the spectrum.)Char-Broil says its Advanced Burner runs at 450 to 900 degrees, hotter than the 450 to 750 degrees of the standard gas burner.Unlike charcoal, it takes 20 to 30 minutes for charcoal to reach 700-The cooking temperature and heat of the infrared burner can be quickly adjusted.Most of the leading barbecue manufacturers including solaire, Weber and Whirlpool's Jenn-An infrared grill is provided.Wheeler, who has an infrared grill, said: "It's great ."The grill now gives you a lot of choices."The chef can take the steak or burger, steam the vegetables, and give their meat a smoky flavor by throwing a few pieces of wood chips on the burner," said Char-Rob SchwingVice President Broo"The effect of infrared on the grill industry is just like the effect of microwave on the indoor kitchen," he said ."."It offers consumers a whole new way of cooking."Bill best, founder of thermal power companyof Columbia, S.C.The technology was developed in the 1960 s, mainly to allow automakers to dry paint on cars faster.Led to highGrill for professional chefs and wealthy consumers.When his patent expired in 2000, the barbecue company saw the future in the backyard of the United States.But the original infrared burnerSome are currently available to consumers.Contains ceramic materials that are difficult to clean and easy to burnUps and fragile, says Schwing.Char-Broil has formed a strategic alliance with Best's company to develop a new generation of burnersBroil TEC series.Fragile ceramics have been eliminated.There is a layer of glass that protects the burner from dripping and provides a uniform distribution of heat.Seven years after Best's patent expires, these improvements are available at a more affordable price for the weekend grill."I think it's important," said Matt Fisher ." He tested Char-Broil's grills."For most people, it does bring a whole new technology to the market."Fisher lives in Ridgewood community in Queens, New York.Y.Maintain the "chef's kitchen" website and blog dedicated to barbecue.The gas grill is convenient, Fisher says, but he prefers wood and charcoal.Barbecue and barbecue accessories are a $4 billion industry in the United States.S.Wheeler of the industry association said that 17 million grills were shipped to retailers last year, an increase of 15% over 2005.Pomona, Calif.-Sales at Cal spa headquarters have been highGrill using infrared burner since 2003.Nicole Lasorda, a spokesman for the company, said the faster and more predictable way the burner cooks allows people to spend more time relaxing and less time cooking."More and more people are having a barbecue right now and they don't necessarily want to be standing in front of it all the time," she said .".
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