is it possible to smoke on a gas grill? - freestanding gas grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-27
is it possible to smoke on a gas grill?  -  freestanding gas grill
How do you smoke on a gas grill?
My usual advice is: No.
Direct, indirect, and spit gas grill works well
Barbecues, but most people do a bad job of smoking.
The problem is that the ventilation behind most gas grills is large, which allows the smoke to escape before it has a chance to taste the food.
The gas grill will not give you hard skin bark, deep red smoke rings and rich smoke smell of the meat smoked on the wood at all. or charcoal-burning smoker.
However, there are some equipment and techniques that will allow you to feel part of the smoke smell on the gas grill. Built-
In the box of smokers: many higher
The terminal gas grill is equipped with a smoking box, a metal tray with a hole cover and a dedicated gas burner for heating the wood to deflate.
You fill the box with wood chips or small balls and ignite the burner.
Smoke from the holes in the lid, at least in theory, which brings a mild smell of smoke to your food.
Independent smoker box: works like built in
In the box of the smoker, but you put it on the grate on the stove.
The smell of smoke is still mild.
Wood blocks under the grate: this is one of the easiest and most effective ways to smoke on a gas grill.
Remove the grate and place half a dozen or so blocks of wood between the thermal diffuser rod or on the ceramic coal ball.
Once you see a wisp of smoke, put the food on the grate on the wood.
Aluminum foil cigarette bag: Pack 2 cups of wood in a large piece of weight-
Aluminum foil for pillow-shaped pouch.
Poke a series of holes at the top and you will get a cigarette bag.
Place it directly on a burner under the grate.
Place a second bag at the other end of the grill.
Place the grill on a high level until you see the smoke and then reduce the heat to the desired temperature.
Adapted from project smoke.
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