Is Weber’s new $1,500 charcoal grill worth the price? - charcoal bbq grill sale

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-30
Is Weber’s new $1,500 charcoal grill worth the price?  -  charcoal bbq grill sale
Toyota has Lexus.Weber-The Stephens company behind the ubiquitous kettle grill owns the Summit charcoal grill.The summit was held in April, partly on a grill and partly on a Camado smoker (think green big eggs ).With a deeper bowl, it looks like a pregnant version of the typical Weber kettle.Give it air-Double insulationWall structure for heat preservation, twoWeber is sure to hope that you can think of it as pregnant with the possibility of smoking and BBQ.The question is whether it is worth the price that starts at $1,500.I tested the summit in May for a few days.I smoked a cow bris, two pig heads, and a huge beef.Smoked two rows of ribs and fast foodgrilled a rib-eye steak.I also baked eggplant and lettuce.The summit stabilized the temperature at 225 degrees for at least 12 hours.Its hinge-type metal diffuser and hinge-style cooking grate make it easy to add coal or wood, but only after my fire went out due to a steady few hoursIt rained heavily one morning.After walking and walking (the rain stopped), the top of the mountain kept the temperature for another 10 hours.The heavy-The cover baffle of the ventilation on duty makes the cooking reaction sensitive;Usually, it takes less than 15 minutes to change the temperature.Hours of Gracelong cooking.I found it much more difficult to maintain temperature control for a period of time in the standard kettle grill.There is always a learning curve to use the new device, and my cow bris, while juicy and hard-skinned, is not exactly up to my standards.The rib-Perfect Media for eyesIt is rare, and since the fuel stove drain is nearly an inch from the meat than the grate on a regular kettle, it took only 8 minutes in total (not 10 to 12 minutes ).The vegetables have good charcoal.The short rib was a bit not doing well enough, but I think it was caused by the pilot's mistake.I will put it longer next time.Is the summit worth the money?A kettle (about $150) does the same thing with a bullet smoker (about $300) and costs about a third.But, like it's hard to determine a better way for Lexus to drive than Camry, it's hard to say why the summit gets such a high price tag.Maybe it's the way it keeps the temperature.Maybe this is the way it deals with blocks and splits.Maybe that's the quality of the scones it creates.Maybe it's a combination of all these things and the general intelligence of the grill.In any case, it's worth a look if you want an upscale smoker/grill in the market.Smoke signal columnist Sha Hin will join Wednesday's free range at noon: Live.washingtonpost.com.
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