it's bbq weather! - gas barbecue grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-23
it\'s bbq weather!  -  gas barbecue grill
If your outdoor space is limited to a balcony or a rooftop garden, you can still invite friends to barbecue as the latest portable product is designed for small spaces.
Some can be walls. mounted;
The rest can be folded up and placed in the trunk of the car. Wall-
The installed Le Barbecue is small enough for use in any outdoor space.
When stored, it will fold flat to the wall, then open the barbecue and tilt down to empty the Ashes.
It is made of black steel by French sculptor Dominique Imbert, which can be wood or coalfired.
Two sizes, 488 or 624.
Call 01364 654716
Divertimenti's new dune top grill is only 19 cm metres wide and 34 cm metres wide.
It is light but strong aluminum cast with a height-
Adjustable grill. £67.
Call 020 7935 0689.
Online order: www. divertimenti. co.
Portable barbecues in the UK tend to have a small cooking surface but shiny stainless steel of the oceansteel-
The version of the two cooking zones solved the problem
A grill and a grill
Provide enough space for family dinners.
It folds up and is mounted in a standard car trunk. £79 plus £3. 95 p&p.
Call 0870 2426283
Online order: www. oceanuk.
The BBQ on the small balcony is easy to do with the aluminum, desktop of the ocean-sized model.
Despite the small size of the grill, it is 36 cm square meters. £59 plus £3. 95 p&p.
Details above.
Grill to Go is a portable gas Grill that is fixed with a latch when folded.
Handling handle for easy transportation. £119 from B&Q.
Novices who want to go outdoors without investing heavily in kit could spend £ 15 on the cast
Iron pot on the pot
Style BBQ in Fraser shop.
You may want to upgrade to the terrace of Aerosized cast-
Grilled iron with Cedar chopping boards and shelves with four utensils. The height-
The adjustable grill, board and shelf are all separated, leaving a brazier to keep you warm at night. Costs £395.
Call 020 7351 0511.
Outdoor activities direct collaboration with Donald Russell boosts your Barbie
Ingredients for takeaway grill.
BBQ steak box with additives-
Free cattle loin, hip, medal, rib
Eyes and kebabs.
It offers a special price of £ 39 (delivery free)until 31 July (normally £53).
Call 01467 629666
Online order: www.
Three new ones.
The Lindeman wine box launched this week is the perfect barbecue companion.
It claims to be the first premium wine in the wine box and will remain fresh for six weeks.
Bin65 chardonnay and bin50 Shiraz, 19.
99 from Sainsbury's.
Pearl 40 merlot and Pearl 45, 19.
99 stores from Tesco select stores.
Stylish picnic car inspired by the 18 th-
Century China design, light weight, waterproof, warmresistant.
The lacquer collection includes three-
Layer carrier in rattan (£88)
Or black paint (£125)
A bottle basket of rattan£45)Glass basket (£38)
There are also a wide variety of bowls, boxes, plates and cutlery. Plus £4. 95 p&p.
Call 01225 317675
Enthusiastic outdoor chefs will enjoy 18-
Shard BBQ kit with stainless steel/hardwood floors-
Pliers, forks, spatula
Handle knives, kebabs, brushes and corn forks carried with youcase. £29. 95 plus £3. 95 from Dig It.
Telephone 0870 120 1630
Online order: www. digit. co. uk (
Reference of reference
Le Vrai Gourmet has created a range of marinades, delicacies and accessories for outdoor dining, including fish
Shaped grill with bottled oil (£20)
And a bunch of delicious kebabs (£15).
Debenham, 334 Oxford Street, W1.
Call 020 7580 3000.
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