Jukung Grill - the best gas bbq grills

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-30
Jukung Grill  -  the best gas bbq grills
Happy tour editor Grand Mirage ResortThis place has the best Australian BBQ area, plus the environment on the ocean side, adding to its charm.So if you're craving a variety of barbecues and barbecues, this should be your first stop in Bali.Seafood, fried chicken wings, shawama beef, grilled salmon, Jukung Grill and more are popular and keep authentic with seasonal ingredients.Jukung Grill's seafood soup features squid, shrimp, clams and fish that you shouldn't miss.There are also many vegetarians, including Mediterranean salad, tomato bread, various sandwiches and so on.Jukung Grill usually hosts music events on Wednesday and Friday, serving lunch and dinner.Interestingly, its interior is a treasure house for cultural lovers with unique Balinese handicrafts, furniture and art works.Visit for a perfect lunch or a delicious night and enjoy it right by the sea.
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