kettle barbecue grill Barbecue Success With The Rule Of Thirds

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-08-16
kettle barbecue grill Barbecue Success With The Rule Of Thirds
Have been to a barbecue party...Put as much food as possible on the grill and every once in a while I poke the food with a fork and fiddle with it so I 've been to the BBQ party, the "chef" there puts as much food as possible on the grill, pokes the food with a fork every once in a while, and then gets it cluttered so it cooks evenly?Has it ever been noticed that within a few minutes the flame began to flash gently under the food, and the chef proudly stood behind to appreciate the Coke barbecue effect he was creating?Have you noticed that when the flame suddenly jumps up and burns around the black food outside and makes it live inside, the panic begins?The difference between barbecue food and burnt food is some small precautions.The chef we just described made some fatal mistakes that were easy to avoid.Before discussing the error, though, let's think about the device we're talking about.
While the same happens with gas and charcoal, the gas grill can be turned down or off when the flame starts to get out of control.If the Grill has a tightly fitted lid, like the Weber kettle grill, the flame can be controlled as well.However, most people seem to cook on an open top Grill, which is open if there is a lid.
Please note that we are talking about the barbecue grill here and the food is cooked directly on hot coal.The real BBQ uses indirect heating and the food is completely closed as if it were in the oven.So, the grill that we imagine the chef is using is an open grill, charcoal grill.
Now let's take a look at the mistakes of the chefs we imagine.First, he is filled with charcoal throughout the length of the grate, providing a constant heat source, and if the food starts to burn, there is no lower heat to place the food.A simple solution is to use the third rule.
Imagine your barbecue in your thirties.
Fill 2 out of 3 of the grill with charcoal and the third remaining empty.Cook the food on hot coal, move it to the section above the empty grate when your food is ready, or start burning, or produce an out-of-control flame.The food will stay warm but will not cook again (or may cook slower) and will not cause any flash --ups.
If you have a grill large enough, you can further improve by placing double-layer coal in a grate of 1 out of 3, placing a layer of coal in the middle, and in the last third without coal.You have three levels of heat now!Another mistake is to make the grill too full.It is fully filled with no room to manipulate the food.
You can't even use it for cooking, and there is no room to heat the food to a lower temperature.Let's say you're using the thirty-something Rule described above and when you start cooking for the first time, empty the area of the grill above where you don't put coal.Then you have the space to put the cooked food in.
Secondly, do not pack the cooking part of the grill with the food.Turn your food comfortably away from the room.When the grill is filled too much, the second problem is to use foods that require different cooking times.
When the coal is ready for use for the first time, they are in the hottest state.This is the time to cook small and thin foods that can be cooked with high temperature in a short period of time.The food includes sausages, burgers, kebabs and small pieces of meat on the bones.
Don't forget that during cooking, foods such as hamburgers and sausages drop fat and juice onto charcoal, and it is this situation that leads to flashups.So you need to keep an eye on the food and move them to a lower heat if necessary (did I mention the thirty degree rule?).After the heat has dropped, it takes longer to start the barbecue, such as ribs, steaks and meat on the bones.
Finally, when the heat is lower, barbecue foods like fruit skewers only need to be heated.Last, but not least, the chef we imagined stabbed his food with a barbecue fork and turned it over.During the first few minutes of the barbecue, the heat seals the surface of the meat and seals it in the juice.
When the meat is stabbed, the juice flows out onto the coal, causing the meat to dry and become tough, and producing a flash of burning food.When turning over the dishes, you must use barbecue tongs.It is difficult to control the heat with charcoal barbecue.
Instead, you need to make sure to cook your food at the most appropriate time and you have separate heating areas.A separate heating area is provided using the thirty degree law.When cooking food, when the coal is the hottest, cook the food quickly with a barbecue first.
Second, cooking requires cooking food for a longer period of time at medium temperatures.Third, cooking requires low-calorie food.The third rule!
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