king of the grills - charcoal and gas grills

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king of the grills  -  charcoal and gas grills
People wearing aprons are free to fix the zucchini plates of the hottest parts of the grill on the cooler edges, where they can be turned to reveal the caramelized meat with a corner stripe.
Then there's Pepper, yellow, red, sparkling, and tea tray.
There are also large portabello mushrooms. And finger-
Thick and long asparagus spear with spotted Brown and fire nowkissed.
Fish fillet salmon meat cries in the surface puddle of its own oil.
The swordfish steak has already turned over, and there is a burst of sound when it is hot;
The translucent red of the Sliced tuna slice disappeared under the white and flame board layerbrown.
The adjacent Grill has a lid and the yard is filled with summer smoke, roasted rosemary and melted garlic on the grill.
The bones on the lamb chops shelf are as clean and white as the keys.
Right another person with ribs-
The delicious lamb is piled on a frying pan --
Pork-sized wooden boards in the Midwest.
The smaller meat will not be overcooked.
In another fire, he opened the lid of the beef-
Steak, as thick as your wrist, sprinkled with garlic and pepper, burnt but still full and sparkling.
In the whirlpool of aroma, smoke and heat --
In the haze, the meat was pulled down from the fire to rest.
As appetite and anticipation become tight, the relaxed noise of the patio conversation gradually becomes quiet.
We invited ourselves to have lunch at Weber's Kettle House.
The man at the center of the matter, the man who works on a fish and vegetable Grill, has a kettle in his genes.
Jim Stephen, who grew up with a father, made up his repair efforts to pursue the impossible: an invention that could improve the cooking techniques of our cave ancestors.
It seems unlikely. he found out.
In 1951, George Stephen transformed a buoy at the Port of Chicago into a hanging, grated, ventilated kettle that changed the concept of cooking in the world's backyard.
The word is too easy to throw these days, but when it comes to this very simple, the icon doesn't extend at all ---
So far, unparalleled-invention.
In short, the story is this: George Stephen inherited a controlling stake in the Webb brothers from his father.
Metal textile companyof Chicago.
Among other things, there are solid metal pieces in the port's float.
During the post-World War II boom, George joined in the migration boom to the suburbs. The how-
For the magazine of this time, full of project ideas for elegant living in the expanded backyard space in these new neighborhoods, backyard banqueting is an emerging form of entertainment for the new American leisure lifestyle.
In his yard, George erected a huge grill and a yellow brick cooking station. -
A piece of art that was later transferred to the entrance terrace at Weber's headquarters --
Stephen products
In Paladin, sick.
He invited his friends and neighbors to cook for the first time.
"Everything was burned," Jim recalled . "
"According to my mother, he is suitable for being tied.
"At this point, we acknowledge a cliché: American men will not easily fail on the grill.
George began to find a better way.
His source of inspiration: round instead of rectangular, like a float.
The top can be used as a lid to control the temperature so that everything is not burned.
Come and have a look. They laughed.
They say who has heard that the grill in the backyard looks like a buoy.
Jim was born a year before the kettle, grew up in the world, where dad's success is proving every day, for a whole week, winter and summer.
The purpose of a snow shovel is to keep the path to the grill.
A mitzvah of the Stephen family happened when a young child was old enough to make a fire.
George died in 1993, and his son Jim is now the chief executive of the privately held family company, which employs 2,200 employees and works for the best business in the world --
Well known backyard grill
Outdoor barbecue is different from kitchen cooking--
Countless experts and hundreds of culinary books have proved this belief.
However, they are basically wrong when it comes to the kettle.
Yes, the smoke of charcoal will fill the food with soot. -
The ancient flavor that can be adjusted according to the type of charcoal or the addition of various wood slices or scattered herbs.
The gas grill is already very close to doing the same thing by turning the feces into smoke.
But what about the actual cooking process?
Standard 22 1/2-
Inch grill, 25 pieces of coal balls on both sides of the charcoal grate, or a coal ball equivalent to a piece of charcoal, produces a temperature of about 350 degrees in the middle of the cooking grate.
This is the default baking temperature for a standard oven, which is called an "indirect" barbecue.
When the lid is put down and the vent is opened to attract air through fire, the effect is like a grill --
Bake in a convection oven-
A little faster than staticair oven.
The charcoal is dispersed on one layer and the cooking temperature on the surface is 550 to 600 degrees.
This is equivalent to broiler, or "direct" cooking.
Similarly, in order to provide oxygen to the fire, the open vent is necessary, and the lid of the grill contains heat and controls the torchups.
Mike Kempster, executive vice president of Weber, explained: "If we can pass on these simple facts to consumers, this is where they gain confidence . "
The company's senior staff and today's lunch chef are on a steak and ribs grill.
Many contemporary barbecue cookery books emphasize these principles, as does Weber's own owner's manual, although some grilling instructors are still slow on the leap of faith.
Let's also realize that the grillers of success--
Man, raise your hand-
I prefer to maintain the illusion that there is some primitive magic at work in the use of fire, rather than a simple indication.
In addition to the two temperatures of direct and indirect cooking, the charcoal arrangement below the grate can be the same as the knob on the kitchen oven, providing a variety of possibilities.
Adding charcoal to one side of the kettle will produce hot noodles for grilled steak.
The meat can then move towards the middle, and in the middle, charcoal is distributed below in a loose single layer to make the meat delicious.
Leaving the other side of the grill, there is no charcoal underneath, creating a warm oven for quick cooking of things like vegetables or shellfish.
Changing the burner on the gas grill can achieve the same effect.
It's not that there should be a lot of mystery about the barbecue: according to the survey data collected by the fireplace, Patio and Barbecue Association.
72% of American families have outdoor grills of one kind or another.
In families with 4 or more people, this number jumps to 87%-
For home entertainment, place the grill not far behind the TV.
The association further found that slightly more than half of the grills cooked outdoors each year.
Men have easier barbecues than women ---by about 2-to-
But it's easier for women to decide when to barbecue.
In the suburb of Huntley, Paladin kept trade secrets, and the ground near Interstate 90 rumbled.
Pressed into an apple-shaped lid and kettle with 500 tons of steel prints, small in size, standard and feed --the-neighborhood.
With the manufacturing going on, the production of the charcoal kettle is as simple as its design: Handle, lid
The hook and leg socket is welded to the stamping kettle and then sprinkled with powder glass dust and fired to 1,540 degrees to make porcelainEnamel cladding.
How is this done, Willie-
However, Wangka machinery to do this is confidential;
Visitors to the factory must sign a letter of commitment not to disclose certain details.
"We think that if we Master Manufacturing, consumers will get something valuable," said Jim Stephen . " He talked about why the company kept most of its production in the country.
This is not the only way Weber kettle can challenge traditional corporate intelligence.
From the beginning, its design will not be out of date or worn out.
A few years ago, the company held a competition to find the oldest grill to use.
The winner was an Illinois doctor who inherited the grill from his mother.
It has been cooking steadily for the family since 1955.
Before he accepted the award for the new gas grill, the doctor asked, "Will it cook as well ? "?
"I'm in Fort sham.
The company maintains a round-the-clock, 364-day-a-year toll-
Free hotline to answer barbecue questions (
Closed for Christmas).
Jane Olsen has been on the phone for eight years and she gets a lot of questions about how to cook a variety of foods or how to order new parts for a gas grill.
She also received a phone call from the owner of the Kettle, who, in her opinion, their sole purpose was to use straw, for any reason, justify the purchase of a new grill, perhaps with a kettle of removable ashcatcher.
Their stubborn old grill won't give up, but the new and shiny grill is still calling.
Jim Stephen says there are two good excuses for finding new Webb: Getting old Webb to college with a kid (
He made way for three new ones in this way).
Or extend your social life to the point where "one grill is not enough.
"The bulletin board at Weber's customer service center is full of testimonials, including some places that push Stephen's advice to the extreme.
A man in Horner, New York. Y.
He said his party in July 4 increased from 15 guests to 135.
He also attached pictures of his 11 grill.
According to industry trade group statistics, there are 1 average barbecue households.
6 outdoor grills.
The deep passion of Americans is always worth seeing.
There is also a letter from Bellville, Minn state on the wall.
There is a man in the picture who is not exposed. he is leaning against the Storm.
Dad is baking rice. In Salina, Kan.
A couple testified that,
They call it the "Big Red" relationship with our Weber ";
It was a wedding gift 35 years ago.
For some reason, many Gerrell pose their dog with a kettle ---
Maybe make a connection between the backyard friends they can trust.
A magic carpet on Weber's low-key Terrace
Rising headquarters after 90
Afternoon sun in the Midwest, crab
The Apple Tree provides atmosphere, but no shade, and lunch is provided.
It was a ridiculous feast: a seat of food and a table with only four people.
Weber test cook Edna Schlosser write menu-
Simple ingredients, simple cooking, simple and delicious.
The grill is similar in function to the kitchen oven, but the kitchen equipment can't get you back to that magical place --
Ride the carpet to the old past where fire, friends and food blend for the first time.
While we were eating, schloser simply sliced the whole strawberry with pineapple, peach ---
Crisp and warm fruit on the outside, while keeping the juicy cool below.
Inside the headquarters building, other executives and staff at Weber cleaned their desks.
This is food for all the people who come.
This is a company ceremony as old as a grill.
Back in the beginning, the invention of the Weber kettle was only half the challenge of George Stephen.
He had to sell the idea of cooking outdoors to someone who smiled at it at a glance.
So he put the kettle in the car and went to the shopping center to cook lunch for strangers.
In the post-war years, the man in a gray flannel suit expressed his wildness.
On the side of the "tiki" fantasy in polynisia.
George Stephen met them at the gate of Marshall Field department store, and other department stores were near Chicago.
He will say, join us. we have a Webb Lu Wu.
"One on One, he will show people what this barbecue can do ---
"Barbecue once," said son Jim . ".
"It could be a small grill.
"Like baseball caps, the Weber kettle is one of the few things Americans share in cultural differences.
You can fight for the elegance of the entire king salmon with hot dogs and wings, or keep it simple;
Anyway, the kettle grill is yours.
Webers can be found on the terrace overlooking Beverly Hills formal garden and the parking lot of NASCAR competition.
Like a baseball cap, you can spend a little more-
Or more. -
Make a statement or please your eyes in order to stand out.
Weber and other manufacturers of gas grills are now reaching the stars in style.
Some people will tell you that these grills are not only more solemn, but also more convenient.
But here's a secret that you can pass on: every gas grill in every backyard in every corner of the world ---
Every one of them-
Nothing but trying and waiting --in-
Half lake float with gray bed
Covered in its abdomen, sparkling hot coal.
Good gas grill has given up 1970 of the "lava" and accepted a modern update to reduce the torch
Ups and provides smoke to allow the backyard to grill its beyond and timeless essence.
Nevertheless, Jim Stephen can still detect the difference in the taste of the food.
"Yes, but I am not your ordinary person in this matter," he explained . ".
Mike Kempster can almost always tell.
Residual carbon produced by wood baking under its own heat-
That's what we call charcoal. -
It also provides the energy to cook food while bringing flavor to the food, which is unparalleled.
In light-colored meat, like pork, the effect is visible, not just the taste.
Cut the roast pork and there is a red layer under the burnt surface, which is a gift of wood smoke.
It is said that George Stephen has never forgotten this ancient echo in food cooked with charcoal.
Yes, he found out how to control the fire.
But no one can beat the fire itself. *(
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After carefully reading some of Weber's cooking books, the master begins the class by observing and asking Weber's professionals, including the valuable "Owner's Guide" booklet that comes with the new grill, A concise explanation of most of the process and 30 years of backyard practice on the kettle is a opinionated tutorial on barbecue.
* Understand your terminology.
In modern cuisine, the grill is a grill.
Barbecue is a way to cook with low temperature smoke
Fire for a long time.
But if you like the retro view of Webb's chief executive, Jim Stephen, the barbecue can be either a barbecue or a description of social events. * Use tongs.
Forks do the same for your food, just like a can of beer before serving.
* Refuel the food, not the cooking grate.
But understand that you are on the side of the most enduring debate in this game.
* However, there is no dispute that the grate needs to be heated to hissing before cooking.
* Try a block of charcoal.
Just as there is a choice of what to cook, there is a choice of what to cook.
Of the 1 million tons of charcoal sold in the United StatesS.
Last year, only 10% were special charcoal, but that ratio has increased five times in a decade.
Enthusiasts claim to have an advantage in taste and they notice a block of charcoal--
Still in recognizable wood shape--
There is no "ingredient other than charcoal" recognized by a major molding fuel manufacturer ".
* Cover.
Or as the Weber likes to say, "it's not cooking if you look at it.
"You will have an argument here too.
But the lid also suppressed the flash. ups.
* When a variable temperature is required on the grill, normally you can pile the coal balls in the center and leave the outer edge of the grill cooler.
Or tilt the charcoal to one side to make room for the stove to warm --hot.
* If you close the vent after taking out the food, the fire will go out and leave half
Reusable coal balls.
* You now have a foolproof charcoal starter in your hand.
Save oil for cars that need oil.
A crumpled newspaper and a match are placed under a simple grill chimney and your fire is ready when you finish your martini.
* Keep temperature for a long time
Cook food, such as the whole turkey, following this formula: 22 1/2-for the standard-
An inch grill using 25 pieces of coal balls (
Or the same amount of charcoal)
On each side of the first hour, each side is increased by eight hours thereafter.
If you want your fatherin-
Believe you have a magical feeling, don't let him see you count.
* Don't bother to turn over the salmon slices.
Cook it down.
After finishing, twist a spatula under the fish, the bigger the better, you will find that the skin will stay where it belongs.
When the temperature is right, when other varieties of fish are ready to turn, they usually "release" from the grill.
* Rest red meat after taking it out of the fire.
When the meat is cooked by itself, it will also "relax" and become more tender.
* Cook the potatoes almost, cut them in half or half, and then grill them quickly like vegetables.
* If you add smoke flavor with wood chips, soak them in the water and wrap them in aluminum foil.
Open a few quarters with a fork-
Size holes on foil.
Throw the tin paper bag on the coal before the barbecue.
This gives you a steady stream of smoke instead of a short blast.
* When cooking meat, add soaked rosemary branches to the coal.
It will spray perfume on your patio and season the food.
* If a friend tells you that their gas grill is more convenient and quick than your charcoal kettle, smile and be polite.
These people put a lot of money into their beliefs.
If you have to quarrel, ask them if they will oil the food or the grate.
* Chicken under bricklayer: 4-6 note: 1 teaspoon of Jewish salt 1 teaspoon of garlic powder 1/2 teaspoon of onion powder 1/4 teaspoon fresh about 5 pounds from "Weber's Real Barbecue, remove vegetable oil from excess fat.
Mix salt, garlic powder, onion powder and pepper in a small bowl. 2.
Place the chicken breast side down on the cutting board.
Cut and remove along each side of the spine with a poultry cut or sharp knife.
Open the chicken like a book.
Make one and a half with a sharp knifeinch-
Deep mouth between breasts, flatten the chicken as much as possible.
Even if it's cooking, make half of it. inch-
Each joint between the chicken leg and the thigh has a deep cut.
Remove and discard the wingtip. 3.
Season the chicken with friction. 4.
Place the chicken on one side of the skin at indirect heat.
Gently apply oil to the bottom of the baking tray.
Place the baking pan on the chicken and press it down with a brick wrapped on the foil (or a cast-iron pan).
Golden Brown until the edge, 30 to 35 minutes. 5.
Use the pan holder and take out the hot bricks and baking pan carefully.
Use a wide spatula, carefully release the chicken from the grate, be careful not to tear the skin, move on the direct medium fire and grill for 5 minutes, and then turn on the grill for another 5 minutes.
Transfer the chicken to the platter and let it rest for 5 minutes before serving.
Cut the chicken into small pieces.
It's warm with barbecue sauce.
435 calories per serving;
50 grams of protein;
1 gram of carbohydrates; 0 grams fiber; 25 grams fat;
7 grams of saturated fat; 198 mg. cholesterol; 333 mg. sodium.
* Time to roast vegetables: 30 minutes Service: 4 Note: from the Test chef of Weber, Edna Scholes.
The spots of the vegetables should be tender and Brown, but do not paste or burn.
Month asparagus spears2 Red Bell peppers2 yellow clock peppers2 zucchini2 olive oil1 1/2 teaspoon garlic pepperSalt1/month teaspoon elves Provence1.
Break the tough bottom of the asparagus spear.
Cut the sweet pepper in half and take out the seeds.
Cut the zucchini in half.
Wise, then half. 2.
Brush vegetables with olive oil.
Season with garlic pepper and salt.
Sprinkle the herbs of Provence on the zucchini. 3.
Heat the grill to medium temperature.
Bake zucchini directly on medium heat for 4 minutes and turn it over once.
Heat for 2 to 4 minutes more and cook until tender but not mushy. 4.
Grill the asparagus with medium straight heat for 5 to 8 minutes depending on the thickness. Rotate one-
Turn around every minute. 5.
Bake sweet pepper directly on medium heat for 4 minutes and turn it over once.
Increase indirect medium heat for 6 to 8 minutes.
121 calories per serving;
4 grams of protein;
13 grams of carbohydrates; 4 grams fiber; 7 grams fat;
1 gram of saturated fat; 0 mg. cholesterol; 126 mg. sodium.
Service: about 1 cup. Note: from "Weber's real BBQ" 1/2 cup ketchup2 tbsp Morasi 1 tbsp white wine vinegar 1 tbsp Dijon mustard1 tbsp light brown sugar 2 tbsp Worcester County Pot 1/powder 1/4 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper 1.
In a small, heavy
Bottom pan, mix tomato sauce, syrup, white wine vinegar, mustard, brown sugar, Worcester County sauce, salt, Tabasco sauce, garlic powder and black pepper with half a glass of water2.
Boil with medium heat.
Reduce heating, sim10 minutes, stirring occasionally.
20 calories per tablespoon; 0 protein;
5 grams of carbohydrates; 0 fiber; 0 fat;
0 saturated fat; 0 cholesterol; 151 mg. sodium.
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