kitchen gadget: the grill pan/griddle - how to clean cast iron

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-03-24
kitchen gadget: the grill pan/griddle  -  how to clean cast iron
In those rare Southern California days, the weather is not glorious and warm, absolutely perfect, and there are other options besides cooking outdoors.
Grill, meet the grill. A flat pan --
Sometimes square, but usually rectangular. -
The grill is equipped with a ridge, so you can roast steak and burgers indoors when the weather is bad.
Consider the following tips when looking for a grill: Looking for a heavy pre
Seasoning cast iron baking tray;
Of course, other materials are lighter and may be easier to handle and clean, but the cast iron is heated evenly, has no hot spots, and maintains better and longer heat than other types of cookware.
Also, find a pot with a deep Ridge ---
The ridge is like a grill. when the juice is lost, it will hold the meat;
The deeper the ridge, the better the barbecue and drainage.
Finally, consider the size.
While smaller pots may be easier to store in a small kitchen, larger pots will give you more work space (
It would be great if you cook for a big family or company or want to bake something substantial like big fish or tritip).
The other thing to consider is doublepurpose pan.
Many of the larger grill pans, as shown in the cottage Pan, double the grill on the other side.
This is a definite advantage when you bake pancakes or master grilled cheese sandwiches.
Grill pans are usually found both in the cooking and homeware stores as well as online.
Prices vary depending on manufacture, material and size. A small (1-burner)
Pan usually starts at about $15, and a bigger pot costs only $20.
Last tip: imitate the oven-
Just like the effect of the outdoor grill lid, flip the metal baking tray over the food while cooking the food.
When the food is cooked, not only does the pot contain some splash, but it also retains some heat so that the food is cooked faster and more evenly. Cooking is fun.
At least it should be!
No matter how long you 've been in the kitchen, there's always something new to learn, whether it's a simple twist to old technology or a handy trick to save time and effort.
In this short series of videos, I show a variety of kitchen tricks, from how to maximize control over the chef's knife to peeling fresh ginger using a spoon.
If you have any gadgets, kitchen tips or questions you would like me to explore, please leave me a message or email at noelle. carter@latimes. com.
Like cooking as much as I do?
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