large kettle grills How to Disassemble a Weber Grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-08-16
large kettle grills How to Disassemble a Weber Grill
Moving, selling, or storing these staples from the Webb kettle grill usually requires the removal of backyard barbecues.Follow the appropriate steps and be careful not to scratch the porcelain coating inside and outside the kettle grill is the key to this task.Put the listed tools at hand before dismantling, and keep all the components together after breaking down the grill to ensure that there is no loss or misplaced.
Remove the grill cover, cooking grate and charcoal grate and place the pieces outside the work area.Remove any remaining charcoal and wipe the inside of the kettle with a warm damp rag to remove any remaining dust particles.Place the bath towel or carpet liner on the ground and flip over the grill with your legs.
Flat the top edge of the grill on a towel or pad to avoid scratching any protective heat-Insulating porcelain glaze coating.Remove the lower grille support fixed to the bottom of the three grille legs by pushing out a single grilleCrochet on one of the legs.Remove any ash cans if one is removedTouch the gold model Weber, hold the grater handle firmly and turn the jar until it is liberated from the shell.
Wear working gloves with a rubber grip, squeeze a grill leg hard, pull up one spin at a time until the leg is detached from the shell.These are often very suitable.If the legs don't move, spray WD-The area where the legs are connected to the bottom of the kettle is surrounded by 40 lubricants.Repeat this step on the other two legs.Put all three Grill legs together and tie them up with two or three large zippers for storage or transport.
Place the grill kettle on the right side and put the charcoal grate and cooking grate back on the housing holder inside the grill.Put the lid back on the grill and place the kettle and all the grill parts in a large box or plastic tote bag for storage and/or transportation
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