Large Rotisserie Pit BBQ - the best charcoal bbq grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-05-01
Large Rotisserie Pit BBQ  -  the best charcoal bbq grill
Once a year, we gather together for a Thanksgiving meal, with 3 or 4 turkeys cooked with spittle.We rented a mobile device ($) last year, so I made plans for ourselves this year.It can be easily sized according to your needs.The barbecue is dry-fit project -No mortar was used.It's much easier to assemble and it moves if the location is not right --able.Also, if a brick happens to crack from high temperatures, it can easily be replaced.Note: I won't really talk about the details of the grill car.Just say you need an old motor (from the stove or clothes) is enoughDryer with gearBox that can slow down the speed of RPMs.We have an antique unit that goes around once a minute.I think the combination of bike gears can be assembled to do the same thing.Note -These are the materials I have used...I only list them as suggestions.Fortunately, you will have other materials that are equally effective hanging around!Barbecue body: 25-----8 "x 16" standard blocks----8 "x 16" cover block (or standard) 4------8 "x 8" half----12 "x 12" patio stones (optional) 4 to 8---1-wood/metal-----Mark the tape or string.FOR THE PIT:1 ------16' x 12 "wide expansion steel (optional) 6 to 8---24 "steel bars (optional) 2 to 3---Cubic feet of sand or gravel------4' x1.5" metal pipe.Top/lid: 1------Food-Steel Drum------20' x 1.5 "corner iron (bed frame is great) 1------Wooden Hockey-----5 "x 5/16" Bolts (with nuts and washers) 2------2' x 1/2 "screw bar (with nut and washer) 1------7' x 12 "(1/8 thick) steel plate 1------High-heat flat-Black BBQ paint.Grill (optional): 1------Expansion steel 30 "x 48" 2------1 "x64" steel pipe.VARIOUS TOOLS:-Shovel -Gloves -Hammers -Long Level -Short Level-Safety glasses-Tape measure-Old chisel or axePermanent Mark-Carpenter Square-Hand-held Grinder -Metal cutting plate-Brick and stone cutting plate (optional )-Wheel-Barrow (optional )-Friendly welder(Oh, don't forget a lot of axe with hardwood floors!) Use standard concrete blocksAlso known as "coal slag block "-Easy to scale design-able.Make it any size you want.Most hardware stores (Home Depot, Lois, etc.) have these blocks.) But I can save money by buying "seconds" for $2 from wholesale dealers.00 per person in Ontario, Canada.Standard blocks are usually sold in 8 "x by 8" by 16.This is not true.The specification refers to a piece of the wall completed with mortar.The block itself is actually closer to 7.5" x 7.5" x 15.5".I also chose the Square/finished end block for the corner.I was pleased to be surprised to find the "hat" block on the top surface.Please attach my basic blueprint.We considered a lot of locations before assembling the BBQ.Remember that once it is lit, it releases a lot of smoke and heat.We chose a convenient location that is a safe distance from trees and play areas.If you are using an electric motor, you would also like to be located near the outlet.We had to consider the roots because it was a pit barbecue.It's hard for them to dig (!Fire can also be dangerous.The fire may enter the roots and burn underground for a long time and eventually return to the tree.I suggest a bucket of water around the grill --up...just in case.FYI -Concrete block heavy.40-each-50 lbs, so 40 lbs!A solid foundation is absolutely critical.After leveling the ground, we decided to lay 12 "x 12" patio stones first to help distribute the weight and prevent the bricks from sliding into the hole.We measured the area and used wooden piles with marked tape to mark the outer perimeter of the patio stone.Note: before digging a pit of 1 feet, it is better to wait until after laying the patio stone.We dug the hole first and dug it too big by mistake.Doh!In order to keep the soil in place, we used 12 expanded metal bars with 2 ft reinforced wooden piles.We also added thin, flat rocks behind the metal screen.Because it seems to be the right thing to do.Now you can put the blocks tightly together and check the levels (and squares) often ).Many of our blocks were a bit bumpy and "extra debris" and had to be teased with a hammer and an old axe.Place some 1st rows of blocks on the side to supply the flame with air.We need "half a block" to finish a row in some places.In other areas, we used "cap blocks" that have a finished surface on the hole (instead of a solid surface from top to bottom ).Their cost is almost the same, giving it a more beautiful look IMHO.We put 3 rows of slag on the stone on the patio.At the end of line 3rd, we wisely placed half a block to leave a gap for spitting.Using the stand (next step), The Spit should be just above the 2nd line block, but do not touch.After putting 2 "sand at the bottom of the pit, we end up with a height of 25 from the ground to the Spit ".It seems enough that the amount of cooking heat can eventually be controlled by the size of the fire and the opening of the lid.We also measured 1/2 of the holes to be drilled in the top row of blocks at both ends (see figure ).This is used to install hinge brackets on both sides.For tucking, we used a 8 feet black steel pipe and drilled several holes along the length.A gear was welded at one end.We used 1 to support it.At both ends of the barbecue, 5 "pipes and hammers 24" to the ground.At the top of these pipes, we weld the horizontal arm at the desired height and fix the rotating pipe with a "v" bracket.We could have simply supported a grill, but we would have liked to have the option to add something else later, like a grill.To do this, we weld the horizontal steel arm to the support pipe and weld more "v" brackets to the support pipe.Please note that we adjust the height by sliding the pipes of both sizes to each other.This will lower the grill in the traditional camp-Cooked by fire, or made for heating pots and plates.We carefully drilled the matching holes on the pipe in order to insert long pins or bolts at different heights.I don't Weld but thanks to those friends who weld.Your best Larry!We used an old food.Grade drum (cut in half length-Wise), some shabby beds-The frame angle iron and the 1/2 screw bar tie up the hinge cover.My suggestion is to measure often here.We just managed to cover the length of the BBQ opening ceremony but it worked!We patiently made it into a square and used hockey.Stick with 5 "bolts and copper tubes on the handle away from the barbecue.Be careful here because the handle gets a little scorched when the fire is high.A "secret" feature of this barbecue is the adjustable heating plate.Steel Drum front not enough wide-to-So we added a 12 "wide steel plate to the back.This provides a good surface for keeping the dishes and dishes warm while cooking for dinner.It can also be moved to allow more or less smoke to escape.To make the lid rotate, we weld the 12 "length rebar to the back of the lid (on the horn support ).Then put it into the vertical hinge bracket on the side of the slag block and fix it with bolts so that the barbecue can be fully opened when needed.Needless to say, no one wants to grill with toxic steam floating around.For this reason, before using the barbecue for any cooking, we put a bunch of really good heat in the grill.It burned all the different finishes, though surprisingly the exterior drum paint was barely affected.To prevent the steel from Rust, I was told to use the "high-Heat" flat-Black paint on the surface.Other internal components can be protected by reuse of Canola oil with higher smoke points than most other oils.This is the finished product being used.We stab the turkey with a spear.Wisely, then use the big steel "nails" through the holes in the spit to prevent the meat from spinning freely.Wrap it securely with stainless steel wire and foil, or even more, to keep it tight-Beautiful woven bundles.Our 20-pound bird cooked for about 6 hours, removed the foil near the end, and cooked for an hour.Please note that we sometimes replenish the fire with charcoal coal balls to achieve fast and long term resultsA long-lasting heat source.After removing the turkey and roast meat shop, two more pipes can be laid on the support arm and a grill can be placed on the top to keep the food warm.That's what we do...Now try it yourself...Good luck!
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