long burning charcoal Top 5 Things to do in Wintry Jammu And Kashmir

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-08-03
long burning charcoal Top 5 Things to do in Wintry Jammu And Kashmir
In fact, Kashmir has already ushered in its first snowfall this year, which is a good time for a holiday in the Himalayas.Of the many things Kashmir has to do at this time of year, the Indian media group has brought you 5 things that must make your holiday compelling, let you experience the customization and culture of the region affectionately known as Heaven in the world.Snow fight-At this wonderful moment in Kashmir, when the whole of Kashmir is covered with a white blanket, if you don't like to have a snowball fight with your friends, your escape will be incompleteA snowball battle can be one of the most daring and memorable moments of your trip.
When you make your interest better, be sure to be careful and keep warm once you really eat enough of Xin Jung.A hot summer-Snow not only surrounded Kashmir with attraction and cheers, but also provided you with cold moments.So, remember to enjoy the warmth of a pot full of hot coal.
Kanger is a small pottery jar, a portable heating device that is suspended in baskets in cold weather in Kashmir for carrying burning charcoal under coats.A completely burning charcoal from Kanger will last a day long enough to keep you warm, and individuals will usually put it under the Kashmir long dress they are called "ferans.Harissa-Kanger may be enough to keep your body warm, but there are other things that need to keep your body warm.
There is nothing better than Harissa throughout the winter in Kashmir.This is a delicious Kashmir meal made of lamb or lamb.The meal was filled with spices and slow.Cook overnight, turn the meat into a paste and eat it with the localMade naan (like pita bread ).
This is a miracle in taste.
In the extreme winter, another person who specifically predicts the Kashmir area is Kehwa, serving locallymade crispy-and-Salty bread called Sheermal.Kehwa is the word Kashmir obtained from the number "kah" in Kashmir, where it indicates that 11 and "wah" are natural herbs.Kehwa is made from 11 herbs and the taste is likely to make you want more.
Dry vegetables, dry vegetablesKashmir has been completely isolated from the rest of the world for four to six months throughout the winter.In order to reserve troops, people will accumulate rice, which will last until the severe winter in the region.Again, the time to keep fresh vegetables and fruits is impossible in that era, because the technology is not so advanced.
Therefore, people will dry vegetables and fruits for winter.The tradition of dried vegetables, known as "hokh Sune", has been maintained until now.Almost every vegetable in Kashmir is dried and then used in winter.
The dry dishes are delicious and taste completely different.Dry vegetables are a must in Kashmir.have
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