lpg gas grill Humming Noises From a Gas Grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-11-15
lpg gas grill Humming Noises From a Gas Grill
The gas grill usually runs on propane, which is compressed into a portable tank attached to the grill.The regulating valve controls the propane flow to the burner.Gas Grills often hum because there are several factors that cause noise.While some noise indicates a more serious problem with the grill, the hum is not usually in it.There is a rubber diaphragm inside the regulating valve, which can vibrate in some cases.This vibration causes a resonance of the Hum.Normally, the diaphragm vibrates if the gas flows through the regulator quickly.Sometimes it is enough to stop the Hum by tightening the valve on the propane tank or adjusting the burner valve to limit the flow.Other reasons are more difficult to control.These changes include changes in air pressure, humidity and outdoor air temperature.Changes in weather conditions often prevent vibration.A loose slide-The tray will hum when the grill is running.If the tray is not fully slid back into place after cleaning, when the grill is running, the excess air creates a hum or fluttering sound.When this happens, the tray is very similar to the resonant mode of the regulator diaphragm.Stop the Hum by pushing it all the way into the tray until it can't go further.Bubbles may be trapped in a hose leading from the regulator to the burner.If so, the air causes a lot of buzz when propane flows around the bubbles.The loud hum, while harmless, can be annoying.Removing bubbles from the production line solves this problem.Your owner's manual gives instructions on how to clear the line.Most of the time, the noise is only part of the normal grill operation.The propane smell accompanied by any sound usually indicates a deeper problem, as does the gas smell if the grill is not turned on.If the gas is discharged from the small vent of the regulator from the broken hose or from other points along the line--Except for the burner--Turn off the grill.If possible, close the valve on the tank and remove the tank from the home until the technician checks the regulator or other components for gas leakage.
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